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  1. If I were Atlantis I doubt I list every tool I acquired. Just like they sold a number of tools to Salvinos they may be trying to sell others that do not fit their business. Round2 has 'discovered' tooling that they did not know they had.....rumor has it there is still some in storage.....so who knows what may turn up.
  2. If the tooling was in storage in ILL it went to Atlantis. This one never got sent to China!
  3. That kinda makes it better!!!! the smaller scale is a tougher build....plus I have a few Wave kits....good but not Tamiya!
  4. A nice clean build. Those Tamiya 1/20 kits come out well.
  5. I use Tamiya spray cans to paint. I then apply weathering with paint and Tamiya weathering powders. I also use Taamiya panel line wash. Final step is Testors clear flat to seal. If your washes are water based you can apply at any time....but best before final clear.
  6. The Sprint cars never sold up to expectations. IIRC they were the product of Jay Adams while product manager. He liked Sprit cars and got them pushed through. I can see Revell doing NASCAR kits before a new tool Sprint car kit and I do not see them doing the 2022 Cup Car kit. Add that the money guys are now in Germany and you see how hard it would be to get a Sprint car kit, new or updated. If Ed Sexton is still working for/with Revell(Germany) he'd be the one to talk to.
  7. On 7/18/2021 at 12:22 AM, Dave Van said: Very nice work!!! Brabham was a favorite. I have a high end 1/20 BT-44 I need to build. Thanks Dave....would luv to see that one done...who's kit is it. The kit is a multi media BT$$B by ACE Models #20030. After I dug it out I want to build!!!!
  8. He does a kit now and then. Switched to LEGO and has a city that is 12 x 12 feet.......kinda models.
  9. IIRC the Trumpeter kits were MSRP about $40+ while RM and AMT were in the high $20 range.
  10. Models were 40% of last week. My son called me from a store in NC and picked up 3 kits for me. Deals still out there!!!!!
  11. Very nice work!!! Brabham was a favorite. I have a high end 1/20 BT-44 I need to build.
  12. #22 was Bill Elliott.....I do the Jenner version too.....
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