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  1. Both of those items are being driven by Dave Burket Model King. Thats why Revell did one a few years back (plow).
  2. Had to pick up some auto parts today and drove the 2 hors....so went by Hobby Lobby while there. The lady was just finished marking the Testors spray cans to $1.57. I got first pick. Not a big Testors fan any longer but at this price I bought 15 cans for about $22.....good deal. Mike: I was in the Mooresville store in 2019, last visit to Charlotte area (Roval Race) it IS heavy RC....but I know a lot of NASCAR drivers, crew are into the R/C thing.....and Go Karts! Never been blown away by HTUSA.....we were asked to join way back when the franchise first started. We saw no benefits.
  3. Side note: Hard to believe Charlotte still without a regular hobby shop. Back in the day I could spend a day off visiting the many shops from Monroe to Gastonia. Modelers Hobby, Science Hobby, Action/Whistle Stop and even our shop Deb's Model Car......how does a city that big with that much $$$$ not have a shop?
  4. My understanding this is a modified tool with SOME new parts. I thought the body was 'corrected' along with new tool bumpers and grille. Maybe I'm mixed up.
  5. That is about perfect!!!!! Now you need a race ready Trans Um Tirebird!
  6. I can see that at the LA Car show around 1966.....great outside the box thinking.
  7. I hit Revell up for the S&H Torino in 1984......it took a while but I got it!!!
  8. Drop R2 a note saying so......it does make a difference!
  9. ZZR is my grail. The kit is not that good, I have 3 junkers, and the real car was an oddity for sure. But I love the film for the campy 60's style that brings back growing up in SoCal...... My dream is to get a mint or new kit and build it with a full detail chassis and correct a few things.
  10. Same here.......my go to was 'Flex-i-file' glue, paint or Tamiya masking tape. Always something. Last 2 visits I left with zero.
  11. Back when I printed 40% off I'd print extra and hand them to anyone in the model isle.....99.999% of the people did not know about it. I hate the loss of the 40% as I will never get supplies at a deal.....but Hobby Lobby knows what they are doing......still making $$$
  12. I understand the need for ads.........but agree the ads that are 2 or 3 screens tall seem out of place.....and they are often blank pages!
  13. Very nice work!!! I bought one to build the car from 'Romancing the Stone' film!
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