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  1. Excellent Replicas . The Lincoln Futura included in your Posts is a nice Touch . Your efforts show through . Thanx
  2. AMT '27 Ford Phaeton kit has the Frontenac Conversion . Norm at RMofM sells the Audrun conversion . Thanx
  3. I did not see this Post until today . I did miss including the source information . My apologies . The Willies is a Mike's Miniature . The '50 Packard is a F&F Casting . The '53 Packard Carribean is a Modelhaus Resin Kit Thanx ..
  4. Beautiful Replica and a stunning Rendition . You must have patience and skills to build these Kits . Not a "Remove from box and display" for sure by any measure . Thanx
  5. Your attention to detail is outstanding . Well done and Kudos . Thanx
  6. Nice sourcing of Referencing Materials . Excellent conversion work . TY for the WIP . I don't go here enough . Thanx
  7. The '57 Rebel is a lost child too . I agree with the Independents are ignored . Economics 1 . What would the Kit Makers maximize Profits from. This is what is produced . Okey has some WIP's in Resin Ramblers . The Master is being derived from a JoHan '59 Kit . Thanx
  8. TY for the Correction Ace Car Guy . I mixed that up with the 302 . Direct SBC Trick from the Hot Rodder's Bag of Tricks . 327 Block , 283 Crank . Fed Smofg Emmissions required a Smog Pump for the 302 and 307 Mills . Thanx
  9. Check your messenger . My Inbox was full . Mis'uer 'Putter crashed . Thanx
  10. Somewhere in my Library is a Custom Car Mag from 1958 . An included Fetured Artical is the First time the Ala Cart appeared in Print . IIRC it had recently won the Oakland Roadster Show pervious to this Publiction . You sure did nail this . TY for the Details and How to's making this exact Replica . I did no know the Wheels and W/W Tires , Correct Taillights ect. are in the '90's Release . I did not build mine thinking these parts are Incorrect . These pics are a Rescue of the remains of my Original Kit . Yeah , mine needs stonned The Blackwalls and Baby Moons make my Eyeballs Bleed also . F
  11. IMHO . As always you Sir ARE an Undisputed Master . Keep them coming please . From a quote you responded to me decades ago . If you desire a Model of a Russian Car . Get an old Ford Kit . The Ford is Superior anyway . Here is a Die Cast '57 Volga GAZ I did buy since then . I understand what you meant . Thanx
  12. The 350 Engine Did not make an appearence until the '69 MY Chevrolet Line of Power Pants . The 327 was upped in CID to avoid the required Power Robbing Government Demanded "Smog Pumps" . I am not trying to steal your Thunder . This is History . I worked at a Chevy Dealer in that Era . I've been a Car Guy since around the Time I could Talk . This is a build i did from hat release ? It had all the Custom Parts like the original Kit . Does anyone have the Custom Headlight Buckets they would like to part with ? Thanx
  13. Possibly . I believe this is an AMT Kit . It spent close to 5 Years to source enough Pieces to rescue it . The correct Kit Mill . dash (Starboard ?) , Skies . ect were Hen's Teeth . Plus few other details not acquired with the First purchase at Toledo Shows . TY much for your comments . The Point Contact "Cusions" on the Trailer are Scratch built . This is a Wood Boat Replica IIRC . I equipped the Trailer as such . It is arranged to handle Wood Boats . The Two Blade High Speed Prop indicates a Drag/Ski Boat . Thanx
  14. My fIrst Car and the ONE I learned to Drive on . A Factory Re-Sale all Red 1960 EnFo Anglia . 4 on the floor . My father sent me out in on Gravel Driveway to conquer the Clutch Engagement . I had to re-fill the "Divots" . When my shovel time expired , on the Road we went . This one pictured here is a '68 . For this Anglia is a next to the last MY / Name Plate Edition Thanx
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