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  1. Thanks everyone for all your support - it really helped me keep going when things went a bit south there for a while. One of the things I continue to be impressed with is the amount of parts I used that otherwise would never have been used if it wasn't for this car. I love recycling! Cheers Alan
  2. Nice job Gareth. This is probably the first time I have ever commented on a police car build, probably because I have only just finished my first ( probably last!) build. After all, not many hot rodders are particularly fond of police cars, eh? All jokes aside, this is a really crisp build. Isn't it fun masking off the black and white separation? And it sits nice - it looks planted to the ground as a police car should. Cheers Alan
  3. Hi Grezgorz, that is an amazing build and I am sure it would be very popular amongst American model builders. When you say you mastered your own body, did you modify existing kits to make the Lincoln or did you carve a wooden mould or something similar? Either way, your skills are incredible, absolutely world class! Cheers Alan
  4. Thanks David and Pappy, Yeah, I did a lot of soul searching on the grille. It does look better in the flesh - the camera does seem to exaggerate the angle a bit. At the end of the day, it was the best option I could find but I will let you in on a little secret - it's not glued in place so if I find something more pleasing, i will be trying it out! Cheers Alan
  5. This has been finished for a little while now but my thrash to get other projects finished for our NNL prevented me getting some photos posted. The build photos are over in the WIP section. I used very few parts from other kits - the front seat is from a 53 Studebaker, the grille is from a 51 Chevy kit and the wheels are from the 59 Sunliner kit. Rear bumper is from an AMT parts pack. I may still lower it a smidge but this will require cutting off the bottom edge of the interior tub so I'm still thinking about that. It is the right height for a high school car but would look slicker if
  6. Easily the toughest conversion I have ever tackled, this police car from the famous scene in American Graffiti was resurrected from a nearly destroyed 63 Galaxie convertible that had every single detail except the wipers and cowl vents filed from its body - it truly was a blob! It has taken over twelve months on and off to get it finished for a club diorama at last weekend's Model Car Spectacular here in Perth Western Australia. I'm very happy with the final proportions - it looks like the car it was intended to replicate. I did however have a lot of problems with bodywork, not helped by
  7. Looking good Bernard. I can see this combo working out just fine! Cheers Alan
  8. You can just see how cool this thing is going to look already and we haven't even begun to speak about colour, paint style etc! I will be interested to see the effect of raising the front end but right now it looks pretty close to perfect! Cheers Alan
  9. That's perfectly understandable Dave. The camera angle switches quite a few times prior to the drive-by. And yeah, considering the dozens of times I have watched the movie ( I'm certain it is over fifty times!) I still find new things to see. For example, how many people know there is a full-fendered 32 roadster in the movie? I didn't, until I freeze framed the police car scene to be able to copy the signwriting for Jerry's Cherries. on the far right hand side of the used car lot, on the front row, there is a very traditionally styled full fendered 32 roadster. When you consider all
  10. Thanks Dave, yep, lighting would be great and I will try to organise it after the show. I thought exactly the same thing when I took the photos! But we might have to agree to disagree on the direction of the Merc. I freeze- framed the movie a hundred times or more to capture reference material for this project and in the shot looking at the police car on the far left of the Jerry's Cherries lot, the Mercury absolutely appears from the right of screen and exits on the left. Cheers Alan
  11. That is looking great so far, John. Before you go to much further, test fit the windshield frame. I got mine to our NNL today, 95% finished, but it is very tricky to get the windshield frame fitting nicely. My process was to first use Mod Plodge to to glue the quarter window frames to the glass, leaving it to dry overnight. I then slide the frame over the glass, the quarter window frames helping to locate it correctly in the frame. It is very challenging to do cleanly, especially with high gloss paint finished on both side of the windshield frame and no positive locating points. Your
  12. Thanks Bob! I am very pleased to report to everyone on the forum that I made my deadline - woohoo!. I finished it at 8.30 pm Friday night, arriving at the show at 6.00am Saturday so less than twelve hours to spare. The reception to the display has been excellent so far amongst the modellers and tomorrow the NNL style show is open to the public. I really haven't had time to take any quality pictures yet for Under Glass but to whet your appetite, here is how it looks at the show. Cheers Alan,
  13. O.K., here's a sneak peak with five days to go and it is looking like a police car! Still got to fit windows, a bit of foil work, install mirrors, lights and siren and finish the paint on the two occupants. My favourite photo spot in the garden was hampered by the low winter sun today but I will get some better piks as the weekend draws close. Also got my 59 Edsel finished and still hoping to finish a 59 Sunliner as well. We'll see! Cheers Alan
  14. Very smooth! Another colour that I have in my stash but am yet to use. Bare metal is challenging but at the risk of sounding glib, just show it you're boss. Pick up that brand new Xacto blade and cut it in one steady go along the gutter for example. He who hesitates is lost! Cheers Alan
  15. what a great buggy! I've got a soft spot for them and did my best to scratchbuilt some when I was a kid, starting with a cheap toy that in hindsight was probably cloned off the AMT kit. Your attention to detail has really brought this little bug to life. The engine and the dash detail are magic! Cheers Alan
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