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  1. The degree of difficulty of this project is beyond comprehension! It just might be the most incredible build ever seen on this forum. Sure, there are other fantastic scratchbuilds out there but all the ones I can think of were based on well documented automobiles. You built this from a bunch of screen shots! I tip my hat to you sir, this is truly amazing, proof that human beings can do anything! Cheers Alan
  2. Yep, sorta. I will put it up here when completely finished. It is a blend of his car and the one he built for John Corno, plus a few of my own touches. But it is pure white and it does have the altered wheelbase so as soon as you look at it you know it is a Buttera car. The hood treatment was my own design whereby I have made the side panels by cutting up a 69 Nova hood to include the vents. Cheers Alan
  3. Wow, talk about 10ilbs of potatoes in a 5 lb bag! The 38 hood sides are a very interesting touch. It will be nice if you can get the nose down a fraction, for all us old hot rodders but if not, like you say, it is all wheel drive! Cheers Alan
  4. That's an amazing range of phone booths you've got there Kit, including at least two from Oz! That first green and black one made me produce a funny squeaking sound - my, that is a beautiful car! I'm still torn on hood design - I like what you are doing with yours but I just completed a John Buttera roadster build where I tried something completely different and it worked so well I am thinking of using it on the pickup as well. Is it wrong to have two different model As on your shelf with the same unusual hood treatment? - ahh, decisions, decisions! The Jag rear is taking shape - n
  5. Lee, that s just stunning. Easily the best Anglia I have seen in many years. I have a soft spot for this model, having received a Skippers Critter for my 13th birthday and catching chicken pox on the same day - so I didn't have to go to school for the last two weeks of the year and I got heaps of time to build my model! I have to applaud you for the outstanding masking and fadeaway paint. it must be awesome to be able to look at this any time you want - what a great achievement! Cheers Alan
  6. No worries, Chuck, and thank you to Snake also for pointing out my whoopsie. Your comment about the offensiveness of an inaccuracy is spot on - I have a passion for hot rods and while never having a problem with the often criticised Monogram 37 Tudor, I could never understand people defending the obvious (to me) awkwardness of the AMT 34 Tudor. Nor could I understand why so many people build the very distorted AMT 32 Roadster and yet pan the beautiful Monogram 32 roadster for being in 1/24th scale. The beauty of this hobby is that, we are all free to build what we like and do as much
  7. Hmmmm, he said, thinking about how many AMT hoods he has and how big a nightmare the multipiece Revell hood is, hmmmmmmm........ Thank you for that poke, the hood is my next challenge - hoping to have the Jag rear sorted tonight. Cheers Alan
  8. I've built a bunch of these, Jim, including this one. Stance is everything - the rear just has to be a freckle higher to give it some serious tuffness! Love your wheel detailing. Cheers Alan
  9. Chuck, I really want to thank you for those beautiful photos of your two magnificent models. The level of detail plus your outstanding photography really has one wondering if they are scale or full-size! Beautiful work. As my second kit ever as a primary school student was an AMT 57, I have had a life long love for the kit and saw no need to look further. I have two built, a red hardtop and a white convertible after a bit of surgery, plus a Nomad conversion coming along. Your two examples here show me that I might just have to check the Revell snapper and the AMT Pro Shop next time I
  10. I like it! It's got a real Zinger feel to it - modelling for fun, as it should be! The colours suit the theme perfectly. Cheers Alan
  11. O.K. Kit, when this thread finally reaches its conclusion, you have to start a Kit Karson Tribute 34 pickup build thread! That is one nice truck! Cheers Alan
  12. OK, a long overdue update. The first photo shows the chassis getting close to its first coat of primer. The blue stuff is original Blue Beetle plastic, the white is Evergreen repairs and modifications. I have spent quite a bit of time so far working out how to mount the Jag rear. I have a small collection of old Jag parts and intend to scratchbuild some missing items. My only concern is that as per the title of this thread, scratchbuilding most of a rear end is not really in the spirit of one of Tim's builds - his knack for kit bashing is legendary (mind you, I never did have a stash of L
  13. Wow, Dennis, this is ticking a lot of boxes for me. My second ever 1/25th scale kit, way back in 1969, was the AMT 57 Chevy. It is one of only a handful of models of mine that have, over the years, disappeared with almost no trace. I think I just customised the poor thing to death. Amazingly I never used the full custom front and rear ends and still have them to this day. I have a very rough body that someone drilled out all of the trim holes and then painted in brown hammertone - it is as bad as it sounds but perfect for exactly what you are doing here. A good mate of mine, 59Buick, has o
  14. These are cool kits and I have built four so far with another two to do. You do have to pack 10 pounds of potatoes into a five pound bag but that is part of the appeal. I like where you are heading. For anyone who is interested, those rims originally came from the Tommy Ivo FED. Cheers Alan
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