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  1. I did not get close enough to confirm but Mercury pickups were very popular in the these parts so could well be. I have a friend with a gorgeous 51 Mercury one ton stock except for a C-10 5-speed and a polished wood pick up bed. Initially it was a work truck when he built a log cabin 40 years ago.
  2. Right you are. I was thinking it had a close resemblance to my parents 62 Ford but after googling I now remember the 62 Mercs recessed bullet taillights
  3. Lake Country Okanagan Valley BC Canada A really nice 56 F100 with a 49 F1, an early 60s Styleside and a 61 Mercury in a pastoral settinggan
  4. Great project. I have been wanting to use one of those chassises under something. It sure gives the slant-back a great stance and the exhaust exits really look good. Green and red are a great combo.
  5. Very well built. Going to have to build mine someday.
  6. Great looking Cobra. Really like the photo of the Cobras and Z06 Stingrays. Two of my favourite cars.
  7. Yes I think you are correct. I did not notice the similarity to the Sunny/Academy kit. I may build mine with an AMT body which would be more correct.
  8. With shipping it came to just under $50 Canadian so maybe $40US. I think my friend ordered from Hobbylink Japan.
  9. A friend brought this in from Japan for me although I will not actually get it for two weeks I had to find some pictures of it. The kit is from GTM which is a Modellers company. It is based on the AMT kit with some extras to build a replica of the car Ken Miles hammered the trunk and broke the windscreen with a wrench in the movie Ford vs Ferrari. I have the Ken Miles and Carroll Shelby figurines that came with the Revell USRRC kit so they will look good with this one
  10. Thanks to everyone involved for a great virtual model car show two years in a row. Hopefully you can have a live event next time
  11. Please let us know when the results have been posted. Thanks
  12. I was so impressed with this project that I blew my previous post but I am utterly blown away with what you have accomplished so far. This technological is amazing. When I first heard about it many years ago it was almost top secret for producing parts for future navy ships and it sounded so Star Trek and here you are creating a model of the latest Aston Martin F-1. Far freaking out !!
  13. A friend had a Danbury Mint Hirohata so I could not resist comparing it to my model. The DM is slightly larger so may be 1/24. It is an incredible model. The gaps are amazingly tight. The shape of the rear fenders are more accurate as are the window sizes. I do however prefer my more greenish shade of sea-foam.
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