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  1. Your Valiant looks great as a speedster.
  2. Great choice of modifications and colour
  3. A friend recently got this kit so I knew it would make a beautiful model and you certainly confirmed that
  4. Very interesting. Amazing number and variety of kits generated from the Venice tooling. Well researched and compiled history
  5. Extremely well done build of a striking looking racecar. The Tamiya Mustang kit would certainly be high on the list of great recent kits. I see it is currently out of stock at Tamiya USA
  6. Looks very much like the real dragster. Well done.
  7. Thanks Bill - I really appreciate your comments as you wrote the definitive guide to building an Ala Kart model in your two part series Ala Kart a la carte: Part ONE, Compare and Contrast - WIP: Model Cars - Model Cars Magazine Forum Ala Kart a la carte: Part TWO, Compare and Contrast (Nov. 2018) - WIP: Model Cars - Model Cars Magazine Forum
  8. Good looking custom version of my favourite generation El Camino
  9. Your model is actually far better than the real thing. I remember going to a car show when these were introduced in Canada. They sold like hot cakes and I even considered trying to get a dealership. The Pony was followed by the Stellar which also sold like hot cakes. Both the Pony and Stellar also rusted faster than any other car back in that era. Hydundai sure finally got their act together with well designed and engineered cars. There is a really nice restored Pony in my city. I did not ask the owner why.
  10. Thanks - Spacers behind the rear white walls really make a difference. Thanks Danno - I have been meaning to check out dscV17 so you have given me the incentive Thanks Ed - I still have two Rodder's Journal poster cars to build. Just started on the Hirohata Merc.
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