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  1. Happy Birthday John. Enjoy your special day! Best wishes too.    hack-n-whack AKA Tom Buda

  2. Looks like the real thing!!
  3. Your car turned out nice despite the inferior decals. Avoid that e-Bay seller like the plague!!
  4. A stunning model. Simply beautiful.
  5. Good looking Mustang! Those wheels and tires really make your model stand out nicely. ?
  6. Your weathering on the underside of the chassis is very realistic! The rest of the car is nicely finished, as well. You did a fine job in a short amount of time. I'm sure your girlfriend will just love it! ☺️
  7. Which, in your opinion, is better to use for model car building, and why? Plastic Weld or Bondene?
  8. I like that stance in your last picture. John T.
  9. That is some excellent scratch building work you have going on there. Most impressive!! John T.
  10. I'm blown away by the amount of detail in this build. There is so much to look at, it's staggering!!
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