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  1. I just sent you a PM let me know if you get it.
  2. I definitely see your point, but man it makes for good entertainment. From a piece of ###### to a waste of money. Thats how I see it.
  3. FourFourty


    Frank, If I didn't know that was a scale model I would swear it was the real deal. Especially that first picture. Superb workmanship.
  4. Now that's a very cool idea. I will look into it. Thanks.
  5. I just spent 3 hours on the internet trying to find information on how to put lights on a 1:25 scale plastic model. Does anyone here know what components are needed and how to do it? I have never done this to a model before and want to start doing it. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of info out there on how to do it. There are plenty of videos on Youtube showing off this craft, but no how to. Below is a sample of what I am referring to. Thank-You.
  6. So true and so sad. I remember being able to go down the street and get everything I needed. Even scratch stuff.
  7. I will be checking these places out Thank-You.
  8. Thanks Chris, I just checked him out, and all I can say is "WOW!" I sent him an email. Thanks for the referral.
  9. Hello Guys. I am building a 1969 Dodge Charger and am wanting to put inspection stickers and a license plate from the same year (1:24 scale). For the state of Pennsylvania. I am also looking to get the expiration date on the inspection sticker with a specific expiration date, and the license plate with a certain name. I have done a couple of searches on Google for companies that do this and have been in contact with a couple of them, but nothing too promising. If you know of anyone who can do this type of work or you can do this type of work please let me know. I have photos for the 1969
  10. I was gonna post that I already did a Google search and didn't find anything really. Thanks for clarifying that I wanted reccomendations from all of you. There are a lot of good suggestions here and have saved many to my favorites already. I am going to Orlando in a few weeks so I may try to find that place you mentioned and just stock up. And yes it is hot here in Tampa, but I love it.
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