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  1. Really nice.So perfect in all the details,I like the stance ,the engine , the steering wheel .Way to go!
  2. VERY nice model ;everything looks right ,the paint ,the detailing .Give us more of the same! Eric
  3. VERY nice!Great creativity!I look forward to seeing your future project!I do share your passion for Deuces ; two are on my workbench right now. /Eric
  4. Thanks for the nice comments! To Janne;I think Dave Lukkari had ancestors/relations to Finland.Anyway greetings from Sweden!
  5. Somethis I se a real car that just begs to be copied in scale. That was the case when I read an article i Street Rodder Mag. a few years back about a -29 Modified ,owned and built by Dave Lukkari.Both the car and the owner where nicely portraited.The photos where not good enough to serve as a plan for copying in scale. A few years later ,another article in a Swedish magazine ,Wheels.Perfect photos! Now it had to be done! Starting with body and frame from AMT -29 Ford,Ardun engine from -50 Ford pick-up ,a lot from the parts-box and with some scratch-building on top ;voila! A decent copy of
  6. This is my first try at posting pictures on the forum.The model is a mix of frame and body from a Revell kit plus engine from Tont Nancy´s dragster.Hope you enjoy it
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