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  1. Danbury Mint kept them in period, and since I am somewhat of a purist, I like to have era items together.
  2. I didn't build it, Danbury Mint did, but I agree they did an outstanding job on it.
  3. That is beautiful, I just got one of those stock 40s myself, you are an artist, you took a so so truck and made it awesome.
  4. yeah I do too, I also heard that they are doing away with their catalogs, now you have to go on line to find what you want, and then call them and tell them. Kind of sx, but oh well....that's progress.
  5. Shoot that looks even bettter than mine, nice job Bruce.
  6. Those are kewl, I collect Matchbox, Dinky and Lesney too!
  7. WOW that is kewl, thanks for clearing up the year for me..it's still a nice piece, I got it on ebay for, are you ready for this? $10.00 +s&h, not bad huh?
  8. The sides on this car are made with real wood, the hinges are very delicate and the wire wheels are hand wired.`
  9. So first up is a 60 caddy convertible and then I am showing a 57 Ford fairlane 500 retractable hardtop convertible.
  10. In 1970 Oldsmobile had a campaign going that shoowed a doctor examining an Oldsmobile Cutlass with a striking yellow paint job, and it was hot on the heels of last years' 1969 H/O455. The slogan was Dr Oldsmobile's prescription was "Walk softly and carry a big stick!" This was the newest BIG Stick.
  11. First up are two of my favorite muscle cars, both are 1969 and from the same manufacturer, Pontiac, the 69 Ram Air Pontiac Trans Am followed by the 69 GTO Ram Air Royal Bobcat. Trans Am features include opening trunk, trunk mat, spare and jack, license plate hides gas tank, pulls down, .
  12. I don't know the history on this custom truck, but I heard it was called the Car Craft Dream Truck and it was built from a 50 Chevy..
  13. Most of these are discontinued, although you can find them on ebay, but they will be pricey. First up is Watson's T Bird and then a Satin Black 40 Ford hot rod and Kookies T from 77 Sunside Strip TV series from the 60s.,`
  14. This one is one of my FIRST DM cars and it is still a favorite, love the Lakes Pipes, skirts, "Flipper" Hub caps, the overall stance of it.
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