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  1. As I recall those AMT spray laquers had a distinctive aroma...if I could catch a whiff today I'm sure it would bring back a flood of childhood modeling memories.
  2. Bill Engwer....aka Ace Garage Guy...don't know for sure if he started out building car models...but he sure knows of what he speaks when it comes to the real thing....and has had numerous projects posted here that are chock-full of instructive commentary from both the 1:1 full scale world...and it's 1/25 imitations.
  3. Love the Eyeball too! I set aside parts to do just that awhile back but haven't got around to it yet. Using the decal is a neat trick.
  4. So far...so good. Really like that color combination.
  5. Agreed. Looks like it would be right at home on the beach at Wildwood,N.J. Super Slick build and execution.
  6. Thanks RRR...when I started that little project a year ago I went online for days printing out everything I could find on the subject....your barn find belly tanker was just about the finest build out there in recent memory. Inspirational.
  7. Ace knows of what he speaks Bro....he is the real deal.
  8. I'm the last person in the universe to comment on muscle cars of the 70s, just not my thing....but MAN those wheels are a distraction!
  9. Well...its a unique one-off piece now!
  10. Looked for that Revell 48 Custom Coupe kit with the Navarro heads and manifold parts on the online bidding site...its commanding some pretty righteous bucks for a relatively recent release. Then again everything seems to be going up price wise these days.
  11. I hear ya....loss of visual acuity and manual dexterity...something we are all going to have to adjust to...sooner or later.
  12. I've used Grandt Line items made for the model railroading community...but since the closure of many of the hobby shops in my area I've had to hunt for them online.
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