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  1. Sorry to hear the bad news about your job. Hopefully things will turn around quickly for you. I really like your start on this model. Should look killer in the flat/low lustre black.
  2. Really looking forward to these. I’m assuming that they are bigger diameter than the previous version? The others were slightly small for a couple of early 70’s cars I wanted to use them on.
  3. Beautiful Roger ! This was probably my favourite of their killer cars. Where did you source the hood scoop?
  4. Just seeing that car brings a smile to my face. ?
  5. Nice start Bernard, I’ve always wondered what these look like built. I’ve got the popcorn ready. ?
  6. Very clean build Stuart. Multi piece bodies always make things interesting but you’ve made a lovely model out of it. Now you have some leftover ‘46-‘47 trim pieces left over to put on a Revell ‘48. ??
  7. Very nice start . Clever work with the rear window.
  8. Beautiful paint and a very clean building style adds up to an outstanding model. Well done.
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