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  1. raisin27

    34 Ford Coupe

    They are from Ron Coon Resins, Thanks
  2. Thanks. Im not sure who made the tires, they are a set i had in my spare parts box. The Rims are from Ron Coon Resins
  3. Thanks, I used Polecat decals
  4. Finished the third in the MPC modified series, the Chevy Coupe.
  5. raisin27

    34 Ford Coupe

    Thanks guys. Its been a lot of fun building these modifieds.
  6. Nice builds, the Gatorade car really looks sweet.
  7. raisin27

    34 Ford Coupe

    They are from Ron Coon Resins Thanks
  8. raisin27

    34 Ford Coupe

    Finished my second modified, the MPC "Slammer" kit
  9. Thank you everyone, I posted pictures of the finished build in the Under Glass section.
  10. Finished my first new build in about ten years. While I was taking the pictures I realized that I had forgotten a window net so I went back and made one from thread and masking tape. Thanks for looking
  11. Thanks, The rims are from Ron Coon Resins
  12. Made some progress on the Richie Evans Pinto. Motor is mostly done. I still want to make some oil breathers for the valve covers and i have to make an air cleaner assy. Still trying to find some orange paint for the body and waiting on the wide 5 rims to arrive in the mail.
  13. Made some progress on the Pinto. Chassis is about done, I made the front coil overs from Some Pro Street Chevelle shocks with aluminum rod wrapped around it and fabricated a fuel cell from evergreen sheets. Working on the 427 motor next.
  14. Well I took the plunge and started my first new build in almost 10 years. Never built a modified stock car before and thought I would give it a go. This is going to be a Richie Evans #61 Pinto. Made a few body and chassis mods to get the front of the body lower, set the engine back an 1/8", and shortened the rear of the chassis 1/8th of an inch then filled in the sink marks. Just getting started!
  15. Thanks, The boots are made from computer wire insulation and yes, thats why I used aluminum rod so it would be soft enough to flatten the ends.
  16. Completing another of my unfinished models from 2011. Detailing the engine on this Comet Pro Stock. I tried something new, making upper shocks and mounts from crimp beads and aluminum rod. I still say these parts are a lot smaller than they were in 2011!
  17. raisin27

    Chevy II

    Thought a good way to get back into the groove after several years away from the modeling bench was to finish up some of my unfinished builds from back then. Working on this Chevy II now. I cut up some soda cans and tried my hand at doing some tin work.
  18. To me if you have to trailer it then its not a street car. Years ago here in the Detroit area the heavy hitters would go on a little "cruise" before the race to weed out the pure race cars.
  19. Very nice clean looking build. The stance looks spot on.
  20. Applied with a 1/2 wide fine bristle brush. It is self leveling.
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