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  1. Very nice model. I really like the 2000 GT as a hardtop and your convertible looks beautiful.
  2. All the detail, the painting, the weathering, everything is beautiful.
  3. Learned to drive in my fathers '57 Chevy pickup, 6 cylinder with 3 speed manual transmission.Took drivers ed in high school where we drove early '60s Studebaker Larks.
  4. Very nice, clean build of the model. Quite realistic looking.
  5. Outstanding clean build. Beautiful paint.
  6. This is my daughters dog. Theodore (or Theo) is an 18 year old Chihuahua, Poodle, Pomeranian mix. Not real active but gets around pretty good for his age and loves to eat.
  7. A 1923 Ford Model T (replica) with a 350 ci Chevy. Nicely maintained and driven fairly often.
  8. Very nice! A beautifully built model.
  9. Very nice! Very clean build.
  10. Definitely big. You did a nice job building it and the painting and decals look great. What type of plastic is the body? Are the display and racing bodies the same material? Cool model.
  11. That is a beautiful model. A friend had one and it was a fun car to ride in and drive.
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