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  1. Really nice build! 😃 That brings back lots of memories too, I never owned an '83-84 GLX ragtop but a friend did in the 90's and I rode around in it lots (I've owned a few 5.0's or GT's over the years, including ragtops, but the closest I came to that one is an '82 GT with t tops in the late 80's in high school though, LOL)
  2. It's looking great! That engine detailing is awesome! 😃
  3. Just finished these 2 up this past week. My first race car builds since 1999 (last race car I built was when Scale Auto gave out those 20th Anniversary decals in the April '99 issue 😳🤣), my first Salvinos kit build (only issues I had was a bad reaction spraying a really old can of Tamiya YS-13 clear over the Powerslide decals, it reacted badly--but that can was probably 10 years old, LOL), and a 21 year old Revell kit found on eBay. I remember now why I enjoyed building race cars so much (it's fun!) 😊
  4. It looks great to my eye, my friend, PLUS it's something you just don't get to see every day, great job on it imo 😃👍
  5. Beautiful build! 😃 That was my first Kit of the Month when I joined the Builder's club several weeks back, haven't started on mine (but could not resist cracking the box open for a look see....or 3 look see's, LOL)
  6. Wow, that's a beautiful build, the details are awesome! 😃
  7. Really nice build! 😃 I have almost all of their kits in my stash but that's one I've missed (I'm also a member of their Builder's Club for a couple months now). I haven't built any of their 1:25 scale kits (the non-Monogram ones) yet, any issues building it?
  8. That's a really cool build! 😃
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