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  1. Not sure about Mr Peabody but he was the voice of Underdog.
  2. Nice one Michelle. The conversion parts look great.
  3. After watching hpiguys build on YouTube I ordered one of these kits and it arrived yesterday. The chassis and suspension detail are outstanding IMO. I remember seeing these in stores back when they were first released and didn't pay much notice after building some of the MPC Pro stock kits. I expected this kit to be just as inaccurate at the time and I built drag racing subjects mostly anyway. Now that I see what is in the box I can't wait to get started on it. This one is going to be fun!
  4. You will really like the 1/16 MPC kit. I built one when I was a teenager and it is an excellent kit. The only downside I recall was warped tires.
  5. Growing up in Jacksonville FL my favorite place for buying models was a chain of local discount stores called Pic N Save. They always had a huge selection of kits of all kinds. They were the first place I ever saw Heller and Matchbox kits for sale. The K Mart on Lem Turner Rd was my second choice for kit buying. Never went to a real hobby shop until i was grown and that was the Hobby World stores on 103rd street and on Blanding Blvd.
  6. Looks great! Nice to see one that isn't yellow or white.
  7. Looking good! Very clever work on the front suspension and the grille bar does look better now. IMO the rear would look better with a little bit removed from the bottom of the quarter panels behind the rear wheel openings. I think it looks a little heavy in that area. I know this would require some major reworking of the rear but....just saying.
  8. I think they were molded short to clear the rear valence. You may want to test fit before you lengthen the springs.
  9. I'm with you Bill. A P1800 would be great.
  10. The first model car I built was the AMT Scale Stars 1/32 63 Corvette. Got it for my fifth birthday with a promise from Mom that if I did a good job on this one a bigger one would be next. My first 1/25 car kit was a strange one and am not making this up as I remember it very clearly. It was a Palmer kit that actually had an engine and a reasonably accurate body! It was an Oldsmobile of maybe 60-61 vintage. My dad brought it home from work late one night on my birthday and I was disappointed when i saw the box (it wasn't an AMT kit like my uncle had recommended) but was surprised when I o
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