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  1. WOW!!! Absolutely Beautiful Falcon! The color looks awesome and I LOVE that engine bay. Super-GREAT Job on this one for sure!
  2. I had no idea they made BMF to be used on 1:1 cars! Didn't think they came in sheets that big... In all seriousness though, that is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, Marcos!! Everything looks perfect and it looks incredible under the hood! Don't know what else to say but, AWESOME BUILD!
  3. VERY nice build! Looks really pretty in that color. I like it a LOT!
  4. I'm really diggin' this engine bay! VERY nice work!!
  5. Well, that was good for a laugh... Did they just put a bunch of GM car names into a hat and pick out 5? They must really be running out of things to write about over there... To me, this the equivalent of having a "top 5 tastiest meals", "top 5 songs", "top 5 movies", etc... None of those cars would be on my GM top 5, except maybe the '70 Z/28... but NOT the RS "split bumper". I think the full bumper version looks SO MUCH cooler (The parking light locations and bumper just looks better IMHO). It almost drives me nuts sometimes when people refer to those Camaros as the "split bumper" c
  6. That definitely looks a bit "strange"... so, I had to try and find out more! LOL - Best I could find here: http://rides.hotrod....72/amc/gremlin/ http://rides.hotrod....n/photos/1.html ...looks like exhaust manifolds for a boat?? Edit: Here's more (with a short answer from the owner LOL): http://www.streetfir...lin_2385400.htm
  7. VERY NICE JOB!! Nice and clean build, looks great and the color is Perfect for it!
  8. Best deal ever on the 'bay was actually a 1:1 engine... One of our Mustangs ('87 Coupe) runs a turbocharged 4 cylinder, and I'm always on the lookout for "spare parts". I did my usual search "ford 2.3" and found an engine on one of the last pages that was pulled from a Ranger with 47k on it and 20 miles from my house. Since it had the correct bottom end for what we run (minus the cast pistons), I figured "might as well" and bid a dollar on the $0.99 he had started the auction as. About 5-6 days went by and I had actually completely forgot about it, until I checked my email and found out
  9. Wayne Buck

    '67 Impala

    VERY cool looking Impala! I LOVE IT!! As others have already pointed out, the color looks AWESOME on it. I personally love white cars (I think about 90% of the 1:1 cars I've owned so far were white)... IMHO, it's just a great color for pretty much anything and always looks great if it's kept clean.
  10. VERY NICE JOB on this kit!! It's funny you mention the red line because I was going to say- When I was a kid, my father had an '83 or '84 IDENTICAL to this, except it had a thin red stripe between the white and silver (and factory rims)... It was kind of a turd as far as performance (Had the typical low compression 305 "non-H.O." with a Q-jet and 5-speed... 150hp on a good day), but it was a really clean and sharp looking car. Nice ride and handled VERY well for what it was. Just curious: Did it have holes in the body to mount the mirrors? They should be further forward right next to
  11. Absolutely Gorgeous!! Awesome resto! Beautiful color, and the redlines really make it look killer! GREAT JOB!!!!
  12. All I have is these 2 WIPs that I can think of at the moment... '79 Mustang with turbocharged 2.3L and a C4: ...and a right side drive Toyota Soarer with a 2JZ and Lenco (probably gonna make the trans into a 3 speed instead of what's pictured) :
  13. REALLY Loving this build so far, Nick! You're doing an awesome job. Interior and engine look GREAT!! I especially love the key chain and the "footprint" gas pedal. Reminds me of that part on Joe Dirt - "I thought you said you had a hemi?.." ~ "Oh...ummm... It's at the shop right now having the footprint gas pedal installed..." I might have to watch that again now... Funny movie!
  14. My thoughts EXACTLY!!! I can't really contribute much...as I am 31 (where'd the time go?!!), but the part about the ride to Florida makes me upset. VERY un-cool...
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