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  1. Hey Scott, Do you have a list of the winners or can you direct me to where they are listed? Thanks.
  2. 1/43 Formula Models kit. The model represents the car driven by Danny Ongais in the 1977 US (DNF) and Canadian (7th place) GPs. I added ignition wires, fuel lines, throttle linkage, transaxle coolant hoses, and brake lines.
  3. 1/43 old and kind of crude SMTS/Dog Leg kit. The model represents the winner of the 1971 California 500 at Ontario Motor Speedway driven by Joe Leonard:
  4. Trumpeter kit. I added photo-etched seat belts and micro tubing gun barrels:
  5. Which ones (manufacturer) are you trying to apply?
  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words and encouragement,
  7. Excellent model! I really appreciate the effort you made to recreate period authentic details. My favorite display in the NHRA museum is a 40 Ford gasser from the late 1950s.
  8. 1/43 Tameo kit. 1976 German GP. Driver Hans Stuck had a one race Jagermeister (yuck) sponsorship:
  9. I just wonder about people who come on model building forums and then mostly post in the off topic sub forums.
  10. droogie

    Miller 91

    1/43 SMTS kit with Indycal decals. 1928 Indy 500 winner.
  11. And be prepared for a crash course in human nature. Just because people share a similar hobby interest with you is no guarantee they are intelligent, honest, polite, respectful, considerate, or practice good hygiene.
  12. Great looking model of a car that looks like it could put a huge smile on your face every time you drove it.
  13. I wonder how much expectation influences perception, i.e., if the stated scale on the box is 1/25, but the kit actually scales out to something different, would it still look 'just right'. I recall an ancient kit (Monogram coincidentally) of a popular aircraft subject was stated to be 1/48 scale. It was the only kit available of the subject in that scale for decades and several companies offered dedicated aftermarket accessories/upgrades for it. Someone finally measured the actual airplane and discovered the kit actually scaled out to 1/51. Surprisingly, the fact that the kit is oddly scaled w
  14. How do you know? Have you tested dollar store CA against every name brand CA?
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