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  1. Hi folks - long shot here - I'm looking for the VW kits that was manufactured by IMC many years ago and released by Union Model Company but not sure when - What I want is a unbuilt/non painted kit - It's the one that could be built either stock or an altered drag racer - I have older AMT kits or older Johan kits to trade - Thanks for you time and looking at this want topic thanks, Joe
  2. hey John, can you pm me with what you may want for a trade if you still have that Challenger - thanks - Joe
  3. I placed an ad under parts wanted and along side my request is a star while I see many black dots in the same topic section - What is the difference ? - Did I word something incorrect? - Thanks - Joe
  4. Hi folks - I'm looking for the rear bumper and tail lights to a 65 Ford t-bird - It's a promotional car with a radio inside of it - Not sure if it was a dealership thing or mail order kind of model - The chrome condition doesn't matter on the bumper but tail lights are needed as well - Only other option is to trade it off - If anyone has a parts car or promo I'm more than interested in making some type of parts trade - Or if someone is looking for a 65 t-bird with a radio in it I can go that what way too - I know nothing about radio's and don't know if it even works - Thanks in
  5. Hi everyone - got two questions - 1st, my user name appears on the upper right hand corner of the page but does not appear in the members list at the bottom of the were there are members and guests - Am I missing something here? 2nd question - Has anyone bought the AMT Superbug Gasser kit # AMT1044/12 ? my question is, it says there is a full color display included in the kit - What is the display of Many thanks - Joe
  6. Hi everyone - looking for the rear bumper and tail light lens to a 1965 T-Bird. Conditions of the chrome plating is not important as long as it's in good overall condition. Have stuff to trade thanks in advance - Joe
  7. Hi folks - looking for the chrome tree to the Johan Challenger funny car or a complete unbuilt or parts kit - Have things to trade Thanks in advance - Joe
  8. Hey James - any luck on finding those parts for the 1970 Super Bee ?
  9. Hi everyone - looking for the front and rear bumpers for the Johan 1960 Plymouth Police station wagon - Or any resin companies that make them - Thanks much - Joe
  10. hey Mark - pm me an address and I can get a set of bumpers in the mail next week - Joe
  11. Hey folks - Got another long shot here - I'm in search of the Plymouth police station wagon - Does not need to be a sealed kit - Just unpainted and not built - Have kits, early AMT one's for trade - Any help would be great - Thanks in advance - Joe
  12. Hi folks - I'm in search of a Johan Dodge Challenger kit # CG1500 - needs to be complete, unbuilt and not painted - Have several older AMT kits that I'm willing to trade - If anyone has one please let me know and what kit your looking for - thanks in advance - joe
  13. after a 6 year break from the model building stage in my life, it's time to get back into the swing of things. actually I never really left but needed a break from the world to take care of some more pressing issues that I'm sure most of us have gone through in life. wanted to build but couldn't find the drive in me after fighting with depression over the lose of my wife back in March 2013. didn't stop me from collecting a few kits and now it's time to dust off some of the projects that have been sitting for many moons. so kid's I'm back and a bit rusty but soon projects will be posted, comple
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