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  1. Happy to report my issue was delivered today. Worth the wait...nice issue.
  2. Haven't received mine yet..........anyone in Virginia or north east coast/metro areas get theirs ?
  3. Wow...a lot of plastic rod. What glue did you use?
  4. Comparing the roll bar in the first try to the replacement .
  5. Found a smaller diameter brass rod than the 1/16 ".....smallest I have...1/32" dia. Bent a frame in one piece. Here's a comparison. The roll bar looked a bit fat in the picture as well, so I'm going from 3/32" to 1/16 "
  6. I noticed that in the picture...the picture makes the brass rod look ten pounds heavier. I'll have to check my brass rod stash for smaller diameter....
  7. Found a resin bomber seat I like,,,, from Replicas and Miniatures. Bent brass rod for the seat frame.
  8. Nice! Really nice. As mentioned, this is exactly how they were delivered to the buyer....unpainted....black FG front end and hood and primer on the body.
  9. It was a hole shot right when the light went green! LOL
  10. While watching the Barret Jackson marathon last week the wife and I recalled our high school rides and what may have become of them if we had kept them and restored them. My wife had a well used '67 Firebird that she sold for $ 900 to get something more economical....fuel costs mileage etc. I don't build stock, or muscle cars, but the idea of doing a build of her ride seemed like a nice diversion from the usual for me...IF I could source a kit. After looking into kits of the Firebird - I found a Revell '68 Firebird, the 400 version.....and research indicates the '68 and
  11. Would that be the dual Burns intake seen at 10:31 here ? :(1) The McGee Roadster: Hot Rod Legend | Historic Vehicle Association Documentary - YouTube I used a dual resin intake on the 32 chopped sedan, only because the height looked like what I sourced on the Offy and Navarro flatheads posted during the build here:'32 Chopped Sedan Street Rod - Page 3 - WIP: Model Cars - Model Cars Magazine Forum
  12. Mounted tube shocks and applied resin bolt heads. Trial fitting headers over the frame.
  13. Thanks Misha...you will love Norm's SCOT blower...it is a real beauty.
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