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  1. https://finescale.com/product-info/kit-reviews/2024/07/workbench-review-amt-125-scale-2021-dodge-charger-pursuit-police-car-plastic-model-kit?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR342KLsgwTr8qz8u8qZBXX0sWRBa0eyhZ35wqmqX86EvQ7g_Uz-mU22rjM_aem_fhD89wWbftwSpE-C2pskyQ
  2. This was built as a review for Finescale Magazine and it is already published so that youy may know how it goes together. Highly recommended fun build!!!
  3. Thank you, didn't find any issues with this but do make sure to follow instructions carefully when installing the headlight covers, they mount in a special angle. I've seen a few of these built and those lenses are not correctly put in place.....
  4. Okay guys, let's call this baby done. Tamiya Aston Martin DBS. I've had this kit for quite a while so it was time to build it. I had a Photo-Etch detail set for it but only used several parts from it. Paint is Factory basecoat Bridgewater Brown from Splash Paints with a Pro-Scale 2K Clear massaged to perfection. Interior tan color is also from Splash Paints. I forgot to add a license plate in the back so I shot two more images inside the house that show what I ended up using. Wish I would've purchased at least two more of these kits when they were available a few years back, hopefully Tamiya releases them again because they truly are gorgeous kits.....
  5. Thank you, I like using Alclad Antique Gold and after that's dry, I black wash the whole thing and add a tad of Rub N Buff Silver Leaf around it....
  6. Brutal mi hermano, I personally love the '63 split window, wanna see if at some point this year I can build one. Love this at this scale......
  7. Truck is completed, will share the complete story after it shows up in Finescale. At the moment, I am building the trailer. Please, no questions, can’t give details yet……
  8. You are welcome Tim, personally, I thought I would see a new tool such as the recent new releases of the Charger and Bronco kits but I still find it to be pretty interesting…..
  9. Guys, I never saw the original so please feel free to comment on all the differences you find, it will help me with the review…..
  10. I will be reviewing this thing soon and will share it once it is out, for now, here are some images of what's in the box....
  11. Great builds as always mi pana.....
  12. cruz

    2023 builds...

    Thank you fellas, humbly appreciate all your comments…..
  13. cruz

    2023 builds...

    Gracias mi pana, felicidades y prospero año nuevo para tí y los tuyos....
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