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  1. Great color and stance. The wheels work nicely with the body style. A good clean build. David G.
  2. Great color choice, excellent stance, good engine detailing. Nicely done! David G.
  3. Nice detail work on these, well done! David G.
  4. Looks like you're in the final stages of the build. What you've done so far looks great. David G.
  5. You did an amazing amount of work on this, all of it exceedingly well done. I enjoyed following on the WIP thread. David G.
  6. Looks fantastic! Excellent detailing and color choice. David G.
  7. Good work blending everything together. Excellent color choice. The rear bumper works very well but my brain is still adjusting to the grille up front. It's just a bit odd. David G
  8. That turned out great Gareth. David G.
  9. I agree, one of the best looking cars ever. Thanks for your comment Atin. David G.
  10. 😮 It's a busy Saturday night on "The Strip" and you've captured all of it in a diorama! There is a tremendous amount of work there, all of it exceedingly well done. David G.
  11. Great work on the shop. I love the hand lettering on the sign, it gives the place a small-town feel. The parking lot is a bit busy though. David G.
  12. I remember some of the difficulties you encountered with this one. The end results are well worth the effort. David G.
  13. I love all the little touches and details you added. There seems to be a story told no matter where you look. Superlatives abound, Well Done! David G.
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