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  1. Something like that. Just PM a Moderator, they'll work it out for you. You're welcome. David G.
  2. I'm one of the members who has gone back and updated a number of my older threads with newly edited photos. I've received some positive comments on those threads regarding the updates and no complaints... so far. Here are a few examples: 77 AMC Matador Finished: Photos Restored 77 AMC Matador WIP: Photos Restored 1958 Chevy Proton (A Fictional Nuclear Powered Car) *Photos Restored* 1958 Chevy Proton- Finished! (Photos Restored) Revell 1960 Chevy (Refreshed Photos) Thanks, David G.
  3. Thanks Randy. It's a fun kit to build, I hope you enjoy it. Thank you Chaz. The only thing I did with the tires was to sand the tread a little with a coarse emery board. Sometimes the tires are too shiny, when they are, I'll spray them with a little Dulcote. I got lucky with these as they had a good sheen out of the box. The rims I sprayed with Dulcote to make them look more like polished aluminum than kit chrome. Regards, David G.
  4. Hey Rick, I was thinking about your comment regarding the "off-road" tires and I thought "Hey, why not a lift kit too?" Just kidding, here it is with the body snapped completely down over the chassis. And some headlights too. Cheers, David G.
  5. Excellent job on the foil, top notch detail work, looks great! David G.
  6. Beautiful color, nicely detailed, well done! David G.
  7. Absolutely gorgeous! David G.
  8. Thanks Carl, detail painting is one of my favorite parts of building. There aren't a lot of photos out there for this particular version of the Joker so I just tried to replicate the box art. There's no need to limit yourself to that as there are many iterations of the Joker character. Most of them use contrasting secondary colors, shades of violet, orange and green. Having said that, here is what I used. For the trousers and gloves I used Model Master Napoleonic Violet. The shirt is painted Tamiya X-6 Orange and the ascot in Model Master Turquoise. The coat is a mix of Tamiya
  9. Fabulous work on the body mods. I'm interested to see where this ends up. David G.
  10. Great work on the striping. You came up with a clever work-around for a difficult task. David G.
  11. Nicely Done! Love the color combo. David G.
  12. Hi Everybody. Here is the next phase... the face. And some more fine tuning on the detail painting. Speaking of fine tuning, I'm finally getting the lighting dialed in. I went from two 100 Watt LED lamps in reflectors to two 40 watt LED lamps. I think the color is much better. It seems that regarding light, less is more. As always, thanks for looking and please feel free to comment. David G.
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