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  1. Nice work. That would be called an ST 170 this side of the Pond.
  2. I see where you made the mods to make it like a Mk1 Capri.
  3. It's sort of our Mustang over here in Europe Michelle. I have a couple in the stash, they came from the US and Canada funnily enough. You never see these built up, nice result from parts kits.
  4. Very nice. A friend of mine had a late GTL version when we were in College, It was a fun car to drive.
  5. They were so fast they actually banned them from racing as far as I remember.
  6. Haven't seen this one for a while Al, it's lovely. Are you going to detail the V 12Matra to the same extent?
  7. Lovely model, never knew they fried to sell LHD versions in Mainland Europe.
  8. Every day is a school day! Thanks for the info gentlemen.
  9. Could be Dan, but it looks odd. I'm sure JC will explain it.
  10. I don't understand the different diameter exhaust pipes, can you enlighten me please?
  11. Is that both turbo and supercharged like the 037 JC?
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