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  1. Here's some of the final body fitment and prep before off to the paint booth....May go with a metallic or metal flake emerald green, also have modified decals for the standard Bel-Air side trim....Gonna try and keep it clean and not cluttered with sponsor stickers everywhere.....Maybe a few minimal ones here and there, but not overbearing....





  2. Jeff... is that you? Back after all this time?

    yeah, it's me..LOL...been back at the bench trying to finish up a bunch of projects I've had sitting around...I hope to get a few more done before the year turns over...

  3. Thanks, yeah, I started building again and hope to get a few projects I've had sitting around finished up this year......which reminds I need to order some parts from you soon.....running a little low the detail stuff....

    Hey Jeff, nice to see you're still building. Looks great!



    Pro Tech 

  4. I just called Summit Racing equipment and asked if they carried working starters for 1/25 scale SBC chevrolet v-8's....Wanna take a guess as to what I was told?... :D;)

    [i was placing a regular order and asked the guy just for kicks to see what he'd say]....He was laughing hysterically.

  5. All kidding aside, this deal about a 1/25 engine has had me thinking about what a monumental challenge it would be.

    Even with the inevitable simplification, just contemplating things like a working carb in that scale boggles the mind. Making something that could meter out fuel with the precision needed...with any kind of scale fidelity...I hate to say "impossible" but I don't see how it would even be possible without the kind of resources thrown at it that no modeler, no matter how good, would have in his workshop. Maybe in a larger scale, but 1/25? I just don't see it.

    Just the logistics of a working fuel pump, in scale is a staggering undertaking...but to get it to work in concert with every other aspect of a working scale engine? The tolerances would be nearly impossible. How do you get the compression right...how do you get the valves to seat? It goes on and on. How would a camshaft and lifters work. Added to that, the tiniest variances would stack up to be very big problems. How would you set the timing?

    Again, it goes on and on. This one just doesn't seem remotely realistic to me...

    How about the tool set needed to work on something that small?....That alone would be a challenge. Sockets, feeler gauges, plasti-gauge,.....etc..!! Yeah right. I'll just run over to the Matco tool truck and get a 1/25 scale tool set....No prob.

  6. Did you find any info on that "phantom 1/25 scale internal combustion V-8 engine" yet?

    Obtaining information on something that amazing must be hard to come by.

    I'm certainly eager to learn more about it, so I'll continue to patiently await for the updates.............Thanks, Jeff

    PS.... Does anyone know if Fel-Pro sells gasket sets for 1/25 scale chevy SBC's?

    What about timing chain sets? Anyone know of timing chains sold in 1/25 scale?

    I know, I'll go with a Pete Jackson gear drive....Wait a sec!!...Will old watch gears work instead? How about carburators? Does holley sell 1/25 scale 750 or 850 double pumpers? and what about fuel pumps?....I'm confused now.

    Sorry for the questions, but inquiring minds want to know.

  7. I will have to do some looking around but I am "almost" theres that word again. it was 1/25 scale I did see it once at a NNL in bermingham I believe. I'll Call Bob Kurnow maybe tonight and find out for sure. I actually have thought about building a running motor to put in a car myself......kinda. the dig differance would be is it would be 2 stroke. lol easier to do. but they make pistons small enough. they run them in little tiny steam engines and even gas plains.

    anyways enough about all that I am going to try to get some paint on the frame in the next few days. after i get the floor pan built and then ill paint the floor pan. I have been toying with the idea of house of colors Kandy tangerine instead of Kandy apple red.what do you guys think?


    I dunno man, If Augie had truly created a "running" 1/25 scale SBC chevy-V-8 internal combustion engine, it would have been featured on every front cover of every modeling magazine that there ever was/is....I don't think something like that would have been "forgotten about" and would now require some deep digging and looking around to find documentation.

    An engine like that in 1/25th, would have been epic...I'm not trying to call you a fibber/truth stretcher, but it seems strange that none of the Top hobbyists and scale auto builders I have talked to and know are aware of this Astounding Engine.

    Something like that surely would have ended up in the GSL museum or equivalent...

    I guess I'm one of those "show me/don't tell me" types...I'm looking forward to learning more about this 8th wonder of the modeling world...I hope I can see pics of it running and functioning..WIP files would be fantastic...........Thanks, Jeff

  8. I can assure you that sarcasim or criticism is the last thing on my mind - I wrote what I feel in my heart - I for one am grateful to have a site like this and to have met the people that I have met here.. if it pout a smile on your face then I guess that isn't a terrible thing either - is it? Let's appreciate what we have - try to improve what we don't like and just be thankful is all I am saying. I mean no ill will to anyone. :o:):)

    It's a good post...I like what you said.

    I guess with what's happened here lately, I was reading this topic with a different frame of mind....It was just kind of humerous to me at the time...

    Good post though.....Jeff

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