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  1. Just as I had suspected! The decal sheet is bigger with so much more content! I think that Revell would understand that issuing the same kit in the same areas of sales would be far less expensive than creating the same kit in different packaging with less content. Thank you Stu for the picture of the decal sheet!
  2. I wasn't sure what color I wanted to use until i spotted this color in the paint can drawer. I'm glad I found it!
  3. That shifter is actually from a Mopar! And, the tire direction are probably all backwards thanks to the tire design.
  4. Thanks David! Check out the chassis pictures. The Story McNally decides to investigate his late client and maybe a clue will find him. He talks with Jonathan Trenton's family and friends and they tell him how Jonathan's ex-wife Carla had falsely put him through the ringer in court. McNally then talks to one of Carla's ex-girlfriends who tells him that Carla wanted more than what Jonathan could ever give her as far as money and the house was concerned. All this talk really moved the Boston PI closer to finding the person responsible, but there was no real evidence to support it.
  5. Thanks Ryan and Bob! I am trying to replicate the factory Dark Cherry Metallic color. I was thinking about other colors, but pictures from my research convinced me to try replicating the Dark Cherry Metallic.
  6. Thanks Bob! The seat does look a lot better since I had painted it. Since I had wet sanded the paint and I burned through several areas, I thought it would be best to paint the entire car instead of trying to touchup all the spots. More Plymouth to come...
  7. The Story ADA Scotson knocks on Lt. Det. Troy's door and he waves her in. She wants to know of the detective's name who messed up the arrest. Lt. Det. Troy says no name since it could possibly affect the outcome of future court cases that detective has. The ADA says she could figure out the detective's name and Adam says again, no name. She leaves his office in a huff! Since McNally is driving around in a car supplied to him by his buddy Vic, he needs to find out the person framing him in a hurry and return the car to Vic in one piece. Vic had asked about the Smith & Wesson
  8. One of the things I neglected to do was a split in the seat back. I removed the seat from the interior, got out the razor saw and started hacking away at the seat back. This is a combination of measuring and eyeball engineering. It came out fairly good, but the cuts were off slightly. I cut the seatbacks far enough to insert two pieces of 0.20 sheet styrene side-by-side with a slight gap between them. Hopefully, when the seat is painted, the errors of my cuts will not be seen. More Plymouth to come...
  9. The Story McNally drives out to Brookline to see Alexander Cannon for anything he might know. Cannon had hoped that McNally had arrived for breakfast that was promised, but he wanted to talk about last night's incident. Cannon noted that McNally's ex-girlfriend was the prosecutor on the case and he also noticed the large .500 caliber handgun under McNally's left shoulder. Cannon offers him help to find the person who framing him and McNally thanks him for the help. McNally decides to investigate his late client as a starting point and see where it leads him. Later that morning, C
  10. I totally agree with you on this!, Joe! I'm looking forward to your progress on this build!
  11. Thanks David, Carl and David G.! My LHS has very few of the Lacquer spray paints left and they had no GM Maroon. I'm hoping to be able to recreate the GM color in my own way and I hope that it its close.
  12. The Story In the morning, Charlie gave McNally a ride to Vic's Auto Sales & Service. He thanks Charlie for the ride and he goes to the showroom door and knocks on it. Vic opens the door and lets McNally in with a question about where his car is and he is told that the Police have confiscated it and he is in need of wheels and "Big Bertha". His Jeep was out of commission and his father's '57 Ford 300 was still in storage. Vic leads McNally to his office in the back and he pulls a large wooden box from his gun safe and the box contains a Smith & Wesson Model 500 .50 caliber hand
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