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  1. Thank you Phil! If and when you do want to build one, take moment and decide which version you want to build. License plate, seats and such. So many options!
  2. Thanks guys! No plans just yet for the headers. Propbably make them with solder or styrene or both.
  3. I started foiling this afternoon. I started with the hardest areas to foil. The wheelwells, rocker panels and the rear taillight. The wheelwells alone took me almost an hour to do. For some reason, I keep hearing Heart and their song, Barracuda in my mind! lol More Barracuda to come...
  4. The Story McNally spent a couple of days getting the harvest to market and he paid the workers. Most of the harvest equipment was maintenanced and put up for the coming winter with the exception of anything that was needed for chores. Angus was given driving duties to take McNally to the airport for his trip home and included a stop at the Police Station to say goodbye to his friend, PC Dunbarton. After arriving at the airport, Angus was a little tired and he would rest a bit before driving home to Alston-At-Harkness. Goodbyes at the flight line for the two old friends and McNally boa
  5. This is my Land Rover Series III LWB paint with Model Master Acryl Pale Green with a Tamiya TS-29 Semi Gloss Black interior. Built box stock with a wired engine.
  6. Thanks Dan and Bob! I plan on building the current version with the gold roof, grille, steering wheel and the blower. A Hemi in a '55 Chevy is not something you see often and I get the joke in the name of the car.
  7. This is my long term attempt to build my version of Mike Finnagan's Blasphemi. A '55 Chevy gasser that runs a 8.52 @ 161 MPH in the quarter mile. That's fast! Normally, I build everything else that is stock or mostly stock and this one is a Chevy with a Mopar 528 CI Hemi in it, so it might qualify as a build by me. I am still searching my parts box for parts and I need to find a satin black for the body which also has a flip front end. My thanks to Doug Estabrook for the kit! More Blasphemi to come...
  8. The Story Agent Barchans of the NCA arrives at the Police Station and he is surprised to see Senior Headquarters Supervisor Peter Duncledge standing at the counter. Barchans demands to know what is going on and who and why was this person arrested for the murder of Alfred McCann. Duncledge explains the gold coin that was stolen from McCann, the found murder weapon with traces of McCann's blood on it, the attack on McNally at the Burrows Farm, finding Declan Thomas limping with some of the buckshot still in him and finding his camp. Declan Thomas had copped to the murder since he owed m
  9. The Story In the morning, McNally drives down to the Petro Station and he waits for the man to come down from his camp. After waiting several minutes, he sees the man stumble out of the brush and he has a slight limp and he walks along the road. McNally stays well behind him as the man limps along and he stops at the General Store and goes inside. He walks inside and goes to the counter and he asks about the man who had walked in and he is told that the limping man works in the store. He asks if he could talk to him for a moment and the store owner calls the man up front. The man
  10. Thanks Carl! Once I get these little issues figured out and out of the way, I'll be able to finish it.
  11. Thanks Anton! Sounds like another excuse to go to the hobby shop!
  12. With the tubes glued to the pinheads, I sanded them down, applied some Molotow Liquid Chrome and Tamiya Clear Orange and Clear Red paint. Now, they are closer to the body and son't look as bad as they did before. More Barracuda to come...
  13. Thanks Bill! Over the years, I have tried several different brands of markers for window masking. Sharpies are the only ones I have currently in the desk drawer and I use some for touchups. Not all colors match my paints! I should go out and search for some really black markers.
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