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  1. I can vouch for porkys products the HO scale cabs he sold me were unbelievable!!!!!
  2. yes I do lee. Now guys what you hear in the news is all bull I know for a fact that up here there is at least 80 years left of mining to be done. Now I don't understand why people in general (world population) worrys so much when there's no need for it. yes car manufactures are making E cars but think about the cost of setting up everyrhing? The power stations to charge Ur car the removal of gas stations? The price of these cars?. Gas will be around for a long while...
  3. well guys thanks for the answers ill get the decals out before i put them away casey-no snow ninjas will get at them i swear lmao Lee-HAHAHA you wish harry- yes we do but there way more in cost so i figured why not a normal unit
  4. i was just wondering if anyone can answer this one lol i am going to be storing my kits in a storage unit and was wondering if the -50 weather we get up here is going to ruin the kits i have thanks for your help guys
  5. its a nice little book i saw it today at the store might grab it
  6. ya lee i agree with ya see i have great ideas after all lmao i would love decals for this bike...........
  7. Rossi is my favorite rider and i can't wait to see his bike done great work so far buddy keep it up
  8. great work Madd really turned out great
  9. james do you even know what soft core porn is ? what pictures that were posted buy EVERYONE were girls modeling and were actors to IIRC and why should we all be banned ? just cause we were having a bit fun? makes sense to me
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