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  1. I concur with David Bantoft 100% Stumbled accross this while doing an image search and noticed that The model sits perfectly.
  2. It'll be available soon.... Hopefully https://www.hiroboy.com/124_Ford_Capri_Mk1_RS2600_Walter_Rohrl_Preview--product--12643.html
  3. cool looking Porsche . For me it'd be less camber and more RWB
  4. For Rhodes that don't or cannot comprehend the idea of multiple purchases., there's a variety of benefits. Models usually gain value with age as their availabliliy becomes scarce. Once the production run stops. You buy what interests you at a particular time with the view to build and store it until ihe time is right. These wretched Hoarders are the guys you often buy that rare kit off at swap meets. I really wonder about the intelligence or lack of it some people. This is a basic thread making what should be regarded as a normal enough conversational topic between modelers. Leave the n
  5. Don't defend yourself. It's a logical enough question and if you regard a forum as a social meeting place to discuss model it's bang on. It's a similar question to sjow us your work aera. here's some on my inventory..some I might add.
  6. heads up Danny, there are plenty here who insight with the comments which you've reacted to.. Be strong and ignore. you(we) with logic are seroiusly out numbered here . Peugeot, Renault, Citroen,Simca, Talbot . have all had success in a variety of motorsport. They share a few common trates, Comfortable. economical,style. they're dwon fall especially in the last 15 years (Simca, Talbot exempt) is electrical/electronics ceasing the opportunity to lambaste east Geman or eastern european / Russian cars is due to the economic climate and standards they were constructed in. My choice is
  7. 3 series is a nice looking model
  8. Brilliant work . excellent time and effort in the machining of the engine , Especially considering it's all manual work. Personal thanks for all the stage by stage photo's Ballast maybe required on the oppsite end..?> possibly.
  9. Boreham

    Ford Rally

    Nice looking Zakspeed Mk2 escort . this kit I believe
  10. Box art looks good. Shame the interior is a let down. One of my childhood favourites mitsubishi sapporo
  11. personally I'd do a standard road car in. Signal Green 77 there's a company in Germany that do an excellent RS 4 spoke.(seperate wheel and tyre) that'll PM you details of. Nice project. Goodluck
  12. the engine is the TAMIYA kit show here is a V6 colonge. But if you substitute the engine from 1/24 1985 Ford SVO Mustang you'll be well on the way to an accurate road version
  13. I'd review our current model stock and insist that a sample of 5 be built OOB. by board members. Allowing a week to build 1 one the 5 selected during company hours. They would be asked to identify the Feedback on their findings. Commission an experenced model builder to discuss same. This would make these people directly aware of the flaws that are present in current products. Set a task schedule to remidy these defects with 3 months with the tooling supplier naturally discussing design aspects. Insist that all future products recieve this pre production Proofing method.
  14. no offence Shane but that's the worst looking DeLorean I've seen. Looks l,ike a bad kit car IMO
  15. Years can be spent looking for reference material , depending on your urgency or priority (could be on going while you build other model topics) How you archive the material is vital. make a " new" folder in Photobucket for each project, within that folder a model reference material and futher folder for WIP.
  16. Nice build OOB build with orignal looking colour scheme.
  17. The bit soon after ... You've gone throught he instuctions and sprues, identified the flaws ......followed by a plan that's as far form OOB . Then start listing what needs to be corrected a needed to build a decent looking model. pack it back into the box.. NEXT...........
  18. Shame this isn't as good a body... very disappointing.
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