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  1. never seen this one, i need to look for one, ive got the squarebody chevy truck
  2. love this, now we need a 82-93 standard cab with 8 foot bed
  3. has anyone ever made a stock family car out of one of these.
  4. i dont have any camaros, is there any thing else your interested in, iam interested in the 57 convertible and the mpc vette.
  5. i need one of these, ive got a long version 1 ton 53 gmc panel sitting in my yard
  6. they still have the van nationals, if you put the word vans on facebopok it will show u hundreds of van sites on facebook, i have a 1975 dodge custom van that i drive.
  7. thank u for the info, that panel truck is sweet.
  8. i just picked one up, does anyone make a kit to cover the windows and make a panel truck out of it.
  9. I received the calipers, thanks so very much, they look great and just what I need. If there's anything I can send to you I'd be glad to.

    Thanks again!!!!!!!

    Mike (TAMike)

  10. Are these diecast, I never think about redoing a diecast, your trucks turned out great.
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