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  1. Thanks again Shane! You Falcon looks much better than mine!
  2. Thanks! I used Kens Kustom fuzzi-fur. It's a flocking material. Instead of just sprinkling it over, I push it down to make it lay more flat.
  3. Thanks! Yeah, has to keep the temperature up to keep the tires sticky. Lol
  4. Thanks! Glad you shared tips and tricks over the past year and a half! Post it!
  5. Thanks! Yeah I didn't think the exhaust setup through like I should have. I already had everything glued in place and didn't wanna break the engine lose again lol. I wanted them out the sides in front of the tires but the tubing kept kinking badly. Still a lot to learn with it.
  6. Thanks! I had some help with a good teacher and motivator. I'm sure everyone has seen him on here as slammedi'am.
  7. This was a simple curbside kit I built while I was taking breaks from my Falcon build, it's painted Dupli-color Metal Specks Burnt Copper over a black base. I used a Fujimi wheel set, Watanabe RS in 15 inch. I also made an exhaust tip from aluminum tubing. It's not as clean as I want it to be, had problems getting the front grille painted from shaking, may go back and paint it black.
  8. This build was a lot of firsts for me. First time kit bashing more than just a couple parts. I'll start with the body, painted Ford Dark Shadow Gray. First time adding/grafting a cowl. Other body modifications are shaved door handles and emblems all around. The antennae hole is also shaved. Chrome trim is done with bare metal foil. For the interior I flocked the floor for carpeting, added photo etch sunglasses and modified another piece of photo etch to simulate cup holders. The rear seat is the kit seat, the front seats are modified from a Monogram 92 Ford Mustang Gt kit because I wanted it
  9. Thanks! I'm very happy with how it turned out. I just keep striving for perfection and have the bar set high for myself. But there's a few things about it that I wished I spent more time on to make it a little better in my eyes.
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