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  1. started this one Sunday, finished it up this morning, after taking some pics i saw some things i should have done better but overall im pleased with the end result. paint is Dupli-Color BGM0506 Indigo Metallic with Testors Wet Look clear and Pegasus 19"/23" Centerline wheels

  2. Good job on the Stang, what shade of blue did you use?, and the truck is cool too, cant say I have seen one with that looks that yours does

    the paint is testors one coat star spangled blue

    Nice GMC, you must live where they don't use salt 'cause that is clean!!!!! Nice truck!!

    lol im down south in Chattanooga Tn

  3. Kool, what's the S-15 in the background? Dropped at all? I only ask as I've had an S-15 extended cab dropped 5 1/2 inches with a 355 small block in it.

    Like the Shelby!!!!

    its an 87 GMC S-15 bone stock Zimmer Custom Conversion




  4. i ordered some parts from him and so far i have nothing to show for it, i ordered and paid for my parts on april 22nd, i was told on May 16th that they were shipped on May 14th and i should receive them on May 18th, i have sent 2 emails to seller, both of which have been met with NO reply at all. its now May 24th and i still have nothing

  5. looks like your off to a good start

    dont forget to paint the little panel between the headlights to match the body

    (its often overlooked)

    not all of them are painted, granted the one on this car is, but i have seen them chrome before, apparently it was part of some appearance package

  6. Nice! Always loved the first Chevelle. But that engine bay needs a couple of things....just to detail it up a bit. Like an upper radiator hose and some plug wires. That would finish it right out nicely!

    lol i noticed the missing radiator hose and corrected it after i took pics

  7. Right now, I'm on my first build in over 50 years and using Testors and Model Master enamel with a Badger Patriot 105 airbrush. Seems to be going OK but I wonder what everyone else is using and why. Is it enamel, lacquer, aqueous acrylic lacquer, petroleum based acrylic enamel and which brands do you prefer? TIA

    first off "Hi Neighbor" I use Duplicolor lacquer or Testors 1 coat

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