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  1. I made this 1/35 watchtower from scratch. Basic shapes are made from Pringles can and toothpick can. Lots of styrene profiles is used. Bottom character and flying thing are from Bandai. Top soldiers are from Industria Mechanika, but modified.
  2. Aoshima kit with modifications - Hobby Design rear wing - Hobby Design photoetch parts - New exhaust tips - Color: Tamiya Pearl Light Blue TS-58
  3. Jurva

    Nissan GT-R

    Aoshima kit with modifications - New wheels and tyres - Evo 10 rear wing - Fujimi photoetch parts - Color is my own mix.
  4. That was my thinking too.
  5. Idea for this Honda tuning company J'S Racing tuned MG-B came, when I found nice wheels, that had Honda logos. So I widened them and lowered car to get right stance. I changed drivers seat, added racing harnesses, external oilcooler and suitable decals.
  6. That's a sticker believe or not. You could find them at craft stores probably. They are post card sized and have Kodak marking at the back.
  7. I used hairspray technique. It has 4 layers of paint. Rust, grey, green and blue. Every layer has hairspray between them. After that, some oil paints on top.
  8. More like a show car. Could be used in drag strip of course.
  9. It's a parts bin creation. I made the pipes. Blower is obviously modified. Intakes are Allison V12 exhaust headers.
  10. I wanted to try something new. I used red textured paint from Zero paints.
  11. Nothing fancy. Instructions said to paint the whole lense with red. I just made small round tape pieces to mask the centers.
  12. Haha. Yeah. I wouldn't too set up my car like that. Too much wear on tyres. Sometimes though, little bit of camber adds good amount of aggressiveness to the overall look. Sidenote: The way you told your opinion, was a great example to lots of people. 10 points.
  13. Could you elaborate what's puzzling you. Transaxle idea came from fellow member, who build similar thing. Can't remember anymore, because it was a long time ago. Basically rear axle is quick change rearend, that has gearbox fitted "inside".
  14. Well, I didn't search info on that. Engine idea came from old Mooneyes dragsters, and I didn't noticed radiator on those.
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