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  1. Laying down stripes. Wondering if I should carry them through to the tailgate.
  2. This was the original, and back in 2010 I had reached out to several casters, and no one was interested in it. It's come too far now. It's not too bad a conversion. I have drawings and detailed notes if anyone is interested..The bed was the hardest part. About nine different cuts...?
  3. Thanks everyone. I have all three in separate threads now. The madness is almost over..?
  4. Thanks guys. Hoping to finish them before spring. Your encouragement helps!
  5. First off, thanks everyone for their kind words on the other two of these I have in the works. I decided to split them up. They are all currently getting attention on my bench. This was the prototype car for the others. I had started this back in 2009 and immediately wished I had started with better bodies rather than the junk yard cars I had. M Anyway, this will be a W-30 version 442. I am not sure if I am going to go factory stock yet, or turn it into an early seventies style Street machine. It will get factory black stripes. I have a nice set of Cragar SS wheels and some other goodies for t
  6. Painted the radiator support, and cowl vent area. Upper cowl area will be sheathed in aluminum BMF, possibly. After that, it's off to assemble all the subcomponents!
  7. Laid down the Hurst black to the rear of the 68. Hopefully the car will see clear coat this weekend, time permitting.From there, on to graphics!
  8. That works very nicely. Great vision on this! Reminds me of the later dodge rampage, but this Vega is much cooler..
  9. That is BAD in the best possible way!!!
  10. Johan purists might be up in arms ! ?
  11. Thanks! I am bouncing between this and the 69 right now. I see an end in sight. Been on and off since 2009. Both bodies, and a prototype, were made by combining an AMT 68 El Camino and an AMT 69 Oldsmobile. The 68 parts are modelhaus resin pieces. I am glad I got a few conversion sets before they shut down. Really looking forward to getting these done. Next step will be to paint around rear window, bedrails and tail gate black..
  12. I had some time to lay down a coat of clear today. This is an older photo but hope to update this week. Will eventually be in Hurst graphics.
  13. Thanks everyone! Was a fun build. I don't usually build them like this, but was going for a mid seventies vibe. NY Modeler, where in NY are you from?
  14. Very cool. I have never seen this converted to stock. Can't wait to see more. It's funny, because I have plans at some point to take the Lindberg 66 Chevelle and build it like the monogram version.?
  15. Another long stalled project I hope to finish this year.
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