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  1. Great work so far Nigel. I have the Tamiya version of this kit to do and after I saw the car in Safari Gold decision made for me. Keep up the good work, Russ
  2. Hey Scott, Thanks for the comment. Yes, those cars were made in resin with a couple of different liveries . I have both but yet to build.... one day! Russ
  3. WOW Phil! love it, really like the way your paint turned out. Always love your attention to the subjects you build. Russ
  4. Nice job Tom! Really like those wire wheels. Sure wish the base kit for your build was still available from Revell.
  5. Great job Bruce! I have built a lot of race car kits and I to enjoy the decal process the best. Main thing I’ve learned when applying is patience, patience, patience! Russ
  6. Thanks Steve, R&M stuff is top notch Thanks for liking Thanks Phil, took a long time but happy I percervered. Thanks for the nice words. Thanks, those are the areas I wanted to focus on. Glad you liked Thanks for the nice words and I also wish for it to issued again as lots more ideas in my head:)
  7. Great job Luke! Wish I could get a black paint job looking that good. Do you use the can or airbrush and how many coats do you use?
  8. Thanks all for the comments. Like I said it was good to push myself to try new things.
  9. Hi Rastislav, Thanks for looking. The belts are included as well as multiple pulley options in the Replicas and miniatures S.C.O.T blower kit. Highly recommended. Thanks for the comments Tim. I also knew I would want to build more than one of these so I have more:)
  10. Quick build of a 1/43 kit from Provence Moulage. Was going to paint fluorescent green rather than decal but ended up using kit decals. These kits are fun and fast to build. I like to build one in between 1/25 scale kits.
  11. Finished this one just in time for it to qualify for historic racing! It is a transmit from Scale Productions. The kit is well done and it still is a very striking livery even to this day in my opinion. It is a car I saw race in Portland and although not the best in performance it certainly left a sound impression on me. Although this driver combo wasn’t at that race I wanted to build the Scott Maxwell vCard as he is a fellow Canuck!
  12. Finally finished! For me this was fairly ambitious build with a lot of modifications. I was wanting to build something of a traditional hot rod. The roof is coffee stir sticks cut and sanded to shape roof lines. Then utilizing the R&M quick change rear end with the traditional buggy spring. The flathead is from the 32 sedan with the SCOT blower also from R&M. Colour is my interpretation of Ford Washington blue with blood red interior. I’ve included a pic I loosely built the model of not sure who’s it is but someone on forum may.
  13. Agreed his detail kits are great. I still have the 956 Porsche but yet to start! Seems too daunting.
  14. Looks Great Bruce. I agree kit is a good one just wish I waited for different decals. I did the Falken vesion which I like but kit decals were very thick and non-conforming.
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