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  1. Hey Jim, Looks great, glad you made it an altered, refreshing to see something different with the big slicks and a hemi!! I like shiny too!! Mike
  2. Hey Gang, There is a tremendous amount of intelligent, thoughtful, insightful, forward-thinking and social-eco-responsibility on this topic, and I for one, have benefitted from all who have taken the time to share their knowledge and viewpoints with their fellow forum-ites. Taking care of mother earth is serious but not without pitfalls. Build something that makes a difference and something that I can fit in, and I would be interested. But, if I may, I drive a Tahoe because I don't fit in much else. Big carbon footprint, and I don't like it, but I don't have an option given my size.
  3. Hey Danno, Can you see the tops of any orange Chargers from up there? (Sorry buddy, I must be very very high......) Mike
  4. Hey Jim, Would you be so kind as to drop them by the house, I could use a chip off the old block!! Mike
  5. Hey Gang, I am thinking about building a small garage diorama, found some wood online, but have not found a site that makes me feel like giving them my business yet. Who do you guys buy from and what type of wood should I use? I am thinking balsa, what do you think/use? Thanks in advance!! Mike
  6. PS: As we used to say in the enforcement of laws and keeping of peace game, "Illegitimi non carborundum." I have not been on here as much as I would like lately, but I just wanted to thank Gregg and the Mods and others who work hard for our enjoyment, I am trying to spend more time on the forums because of the knowledge and community here, I would be completely saddened if Gregg had to make such a drastic decision that would affect so many good people. Please respect the rules, and as so many have stated, his rules, don't like 'em, just leave. Me, I am sticking around because I think Da
  7. Hey John, Been away from the forums for awhile and I came back just in time!! This is just one of your best, I have seen some incredible pictures of the real thing, and I swear I am looking at the 1:1 when I look at your pictures. Just amazing John, and thanks so much for posting for us. Man, I am just knocked out by this one, one of my favorite cars of all time. Mike
  8. Hey Andy, Way to go, can't wait to see your Camaro on TV, let us know when the show is airing, this is cool!! Mike
  9. So these two cannibals were talking and one said to the other... "I can't stand my mother-in-law!!" And the other one said.... "Forget her, just eat the noodles!" (I will do my own rim-shot, thanks.) Mike
  10. Hey Joseph, Sent in my Badger 150 for new teflon and just general tune-up about two years ago, very satisfied with the service and the price (freeeee!!!!!). I have never heard anyone say anything bad about their service dept. and I was very impressed with my results. They even threw in a new trigger because mine had a little bend in it. Mike
  11. BMF is Bare Metal Foil, it is used for trim around windows among other things. You can order it from the company, they also sell a how-to guide as well. Just Google the name. The product is just a very thin layer of metal with an adhesive backing, you place it where you want it, burnish it down with a q-tip or toothpick, and then carefully trim away the unwanted parts of the foil. Hope I didn't make it sound complicated, because it is not. Anything that you would normally see in chrome on a car can be well duplicated with BMF. Do a search on here and you can find a ton of uses and topics from
  12. Hey Gang, Thank you for the kind words. Here are a couple of things I think make our models look more like real cars (and bikes!!!! ) First, I think a lifelike background instead of the workbench sure helps a lot, natural light helps too instead of the workbench lamp or lamps. Second, I think we get too high up with our camera, some of my earlier pictures look like I was using a ladder, now I try to get on the same level as the model and I am trying to shoot more outdoors. This is the direction I am trying to go. Now, what do you all think about these ideas, and also please share your idea
  13. I pray you and your family find peace Darin, remember the special times and the good times, that's what will keep you strong. Mike
  14. Here are some shots I took last summer of a Testors 1/6 Road King, trying for some perspective, they looked pretty good for beginning shots, once I got home and enlarged on the computer I could see most of my flaws. The fact that the bike is so large helps with the illusion, I am going to try more outdoor shots when I get more time. Mike
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