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  1. Hey Gang,

    There is a tremendous amount of intelligent, thoughtful, insightful, forward-thinking and social-eco-responsibility on this topic, and I for one, have benefitted from all who have taken the time to share their knowledge and viewpoints with their fellow forum-ites. Taking care of mother earth is serious but not without pitfalls. Build something that makes a difference and something that I can fit in, and I would be interested.

    But, if I may, I drive a Tahoe because I don't fit in much else. Big carbon footprint, and I don't like it, but I don't have an option given my size.

    There is a guy who passes by my house in a smart car every day, I truly admire his contribution to a cleaner, better environment, but.......if I am using my leafblower when it goes by, it blows it into my neighbors yard. Then I have to walk over, pick it up and put it back on the road, kinda like a big slotcar going off the track. I think it will fit in the Tahoe as a backup plan, like a spare tire with a radio and air.

    Or, I might just take it, paint it orange, stick a confederate flag on the roof and send it to DANNO, who can take it out for some fried cat sticks...... :mellow:


  2. Hey Gang,

    I am thinking about building a small garage diorama, found some wood online, but have not found a site that makes me feel like giving them my business yet. Who do you guys buy from and what type of wood should I use? I am thinking balsa, what do you think/use?

    Thanks in advance!!


  3. PS: As we used to say in the enforcement of laws and keeping of peace game, "Illegitimi non carborundum."

    I have not been on here as much as I would like lately, but I just wanted to thank Gregg and the Mods and others who work hard for our enjoyment, I am trying to spend more time on the forums because of the knowledge and community here, I would be completely saddened if Gregg had to make such a drastic decision that would affect so many good people.

    Please respect the rules, and as so many have stated, his rules, don't like 'em, just leave.

    Me, I am sticking around because I think Danno has some cool illegal carburetors for sale, and I would like one for my next General Lee project. How cool.


  4. BMF is Bare Metal Foil, it is used for trim around windows among other things. You can order it from the company, they also sell a how-to guide as well. Just Google the name. The product is just a very thin layer of metal with an adhesive backing, you place it where you want it, burnish it down with a q-tip or toothpick, and then carefully trim away the unwanted parts of the foil. Hope I didn't make it sound complicated, because it is not. Anything that you would normally see in chrome on a car can be well duplicated with BMF. Do a search on here and you can find a ton of uses and topics from people who can illustrate and explain their ideas and techniques. This stuff, once you get the hang of it, will give your models such an extra impact, worth the time effort and money. Have fun with it.


  5. Hey Gang,

    Thank you for the kind words. Here are a couple of things I think make our models look more like real cars (and bikes!!!! B) ) First, I think a lifelike background instead of the workbench sure helps a lot, natural light helps too instead of the workbench lamp or lamps. Second, I think we get too high up with our camera, some of my earlier pictures look like I was using a ladder, now I try to get on the same level as the model and I am trying to shoot more outdoors. This is the direction I am trying to go. Now, what do you all think about these ideas, and also please share your ideas here. I love threads like this where everyone shares ideas and opinions in a kind way, make me proud to be here. Thanks.


  6. Hey Gang,

    Here is a link to the CBS feature on his work, he talks in the video about why he doesn't feature people in his displays, I think his work is just stunning and very creative. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.



    Here is a link I have as well to his photos.


  7. Hey gang,

    Hey, let's get back on topic. Cookies for all later on........................

    Well, I probably log on at least once a day, I don't post that much because I haven't done anything I feel comfortable posting....yet. I really enjoy reading the forums, I think I spend more time here than anyplace else, although "Under Glass" and "Drag Racing" run a close second. Hate when it turns personal in the forums, hey if you don't like what I'm doing, suggest your little heart out and I will listen carefully and try to do better, Make it personal, well, I can't comment on that here, but I will send out very negative vibes!!!! I am here just having fun and trying to do better. I really like J.T's builds, I really like the good Dr.'s off-the-beaten-path topics and ideas, I love when Danno responds to OMGNAGLT!!!, I enjoy my friends on here...Highway, Crazy Jim, Cool Hand, man if I start listing all the people I enjoy and admire, I'll never finish my reply!! Let's have fun, log on when you can, keep this a good cool place, that for me anyway, is onr of my favorite things to do each day, makes my world a better place.


  8. Hey Gang,

    I am trying to find an older topic on "ghosting"...when images show through paint after you have removed them. Someone had posted a thread a few months back regarding this, I want to remove some handles and trim but not sure exactly what to do to keep from bleeding/ghosting through after painting. The topic I am looking for had several excellent comments and explanations why this effect happened, and what to do to keep it from happening. In my case, I am probably going to prime, then shoot Future, then paint and clear, but would really like to find the topic first. I looked in "TIPS... "and " "HOW TO..." catagories but no luck. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    Moderators....I am posting this here because I think "GENERAL'" is probably the most read of the forums, I am hoping someone might have an "Oh, I remember that....." Thanks.

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