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  1. Hey Marty,

    Looks great, your photography sure does your hard work justice. Wish I had some of the older models I built, didn't manage to hang on to them. Lemme see, looks like the ones I am building now will need refreshing about every 30 years or so? Thanks for the schedule, and thanks for posting such a great '57.


  2. Hey John,

    Looking good, I really enjoy watching your builds, know this one will be incredible. A couple of quick questions, first, what do you use under the Alclad, I have only tried it once and used Krylon Fusion Gloss Black, results were pretty good....for me....but just curious what you use. Also, where did you get that cool driver figure? I have never seen one of those before, know it will look great when you get done with him. Thanks John, and as always, thanks for posting!! Can't wait to see what happens next!!


  3. Hey Cranky,

    Want to use up all the Testor Acrylics I bought when I decided to get back into the hobby, bought about 55-60 bottles at a local hobby shop thinking I would try them (based on what I had read about them combined with the fact they were on sale) versus using the enamels. This was before I discovered lacquers. Got a lot of cool acyrlics that I just hate to waste/throw away, now that I have discovered the secret for spraying will use them up first, then I can't wait to try the products you have mentioned. Baby steps, ya know?


  4. Hey Cranky,

    Sorry so late to the party, am I in time for last call? Hope you had a Happy Birthday, always fun to spend with good friends. Oh, I thought the OF happened at 60, didn't know I'd already been an OF for s few years. Well, guess I better trade the Tahoe for a sports car!! Happy birthday my friend, thanks for all you post here and thanks for the inspiration. Next week......water drops!


  5. Hey Gang,

    Well, today had the weather and the time to try Dale's tip on windshield washer fluid with acrylics, and man, was I impressed!! Dale, thank you thank you thank you! Shot three different colors, no airbrush-tip drying too quickly, no splattering, just flowed and flowed. I was worried about the blue color in the fluid, did not seem to make any difference. Lacquers have their place too, but I have really been enjoying the acrylics, cheap, easy to find, lots of colors, dry super quick and clear-coat really nice. Give them a try.


  6. Hey Doctor Cranky,

    Thanks for your tutorials, been working with my airbrush (same one you have, what a stroke of luck!!) and just practicing and practicing and practicing some more. For those who are really having trouble grasping airbrushing, well, the good Doctor is here to cure what ails ya!! Practice, you will get better, don't give up, because the end results are worth it. Shoot spoons and paper, (cheapest way to get started) you will get the hang of it. Thanks Cranky for taking the time to film and post, know it is a lot of work on your end, and a lot of us are very appreciative!!


  7. Hey Gang,

    Been using Testor acrylics last few weeks just to see what the pro's and con's are. the pro's far outweigh the cons....except for the fact they dry really, really fast, and clog up my airbrush. I have to clean needle and tip over and over, also, they splatter as they thicken up, right before they clog all the way, and that messes up what had been done so far.

    Here is a breakdown of what I have tried so far....First, Testor says they don't need thinned, but then they said to try their acrylic thinner? I have tried different items to thin, tap water, filtered water, distilled water, 91% alcohol and 97% alcohol, haven't tried their thinner yet. Also experimenting with distance to subject, experimenting with pressure on compressor, tried warming the paint a little bit, tried warmer days vs.cooler days, just been trying all the little things I can think of, but it always seems to get to the point where parts have to take E-Z OFF bath, and that is just so discouraging. Doing well spraying enamels and lacquers and clear lacquers, but just cannot get competent with acrylics.

    What am I missing or doing wrong? Also, I keep my airbrush super clean, no matter what I've sprayed I always clean with lacquer thinner, and break apart and thoroughly clean after each session. Think I am doing the right steps, called Testor's for advice, and except for using their thinner, agreed I was taking the right steps. Called Iwata and Badger, and they both said I am taking the right steps too. Well, I think I am missing something along the way, but don't know what to do next. Thanks in advance for those that care to reply, and for what it is worth....brushing by hand, acrylics are pretty good, ez to clean, dry hard as a rock and can polish out nicely. Thanks again and happy holidays.


  8. The show is really good, so is overhaulin', can't understand why people here don't like Chip Foose, he does some very interesting work and makes total strangers happy while at the same time helping them realize their dreams. And that is bad because........? I have a friend who met him, says he was very approachable, kind and humble, not a hollywood type of person at all.

    So, are his overhauls and acts of kindness really THAT upsetting to people here? Makes me scratch my head in wonderment, given the way our hobby, and lately, the car industry is changing, ANYTHING that puts cool cars out there just has to be a good thing, right?


  9. Hey Neil,

    Man, just a beautiful car, you did an wonderful job!! Love the gassers, that was something back when, you did such a good job on yours, thanks for sharing with us, post some more!!


  10. Hey Terry,

    I just got a copy of your book "Build and Detail Model Cars Like a Pro" at a half-price bookstore, read it from cover to cover more than once, and keep it hand for those ???? moments. Thought you might like to know it is still around, and it is still a very good and fun read. I agree with Greg, thanks for your dedication and thoughtfulness to our wonderful hobby, glad there are so many good people that enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks!!


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