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  1. Hey Travis,

    welcome to the site, a very cool place, you will enjoy it here. Yous cars look very nice, lots of detail, very clean and accurate. Do you still have the bodies for them? Thank you for posting and hope to see more of your work, have fun getting back in the hobby, best one in the world!


  2. Hey Wayne,

    Very nice, like the surprise, bringing back memories for lots of us. There was a very similar car when I was in high school, people mistook it for a real junker....until the light turned green!! You did a great job on your car, thanks for sharing with us.


  3. Hey Bryce,

    Add me to the fan club too, just about the nicest build of that car I have ever seen, and the paint just came out great, looks just right!! Sometimes messing around with paint can give you something super cool like this, you did a great job. Thanks for posting!!


  4. Hey Jim,

    Very, very, very nice, like the stance a lot and think the roll bar looks great too!! Great color, did you use your have-paint-booth-will-travel or did ya just spray in the garage? :D:lol::lol::lol: Think it looks great, thanks for posting!!


  5. Hey Derek,

    Wow, looks very nice, very different, just an unusual look, a super clean build. Something you don't see here all the time, I love the unusual stuff you can find here. Also noticed you are new to the site, so just wanted to welcome you, a very cool place to post, learn, share tips and ideas, meet some neat people, and just have fun! Thanks for posting, hope you enjoy it here, look forward to seeing more of your work! :blink:


  6. Hi John,

    Very, very nice, so unusual and different...just the way I like 'em. I had seen you working on this before you posted in this section and was wondering what you used for your filler, I noticed that it just looks so smooth when you are done with your custom work. Car looks just great, and as always, thank you for sharing with us!!


  7. Hey John,

    Sure was pleasantly surprised when I saw this, just a great job, something quite different from you, but I love it. Any tips on how you painted the wood, that really turned out nice. Hey, the girlfriend had good taste in classic cars!! Thanks as always for posting for us!


  8. Hey Chuck,

    Whoa, don't know what to call this one, like your ideas on the names, but the first thing I thought of when I saw the fins was "Shark-Rat", but I have suffered a concussion or two. Thanks for posting, this one looks great!!!!!!!


  9. Hey Donald,

    Understand if your initial comment might not have been phrased as exactly as you liked. Like I said, for me, I want to have fun first, I started building very young, but stopped just when I could have started getting a lot better. Picked it up again recently, and loving it. Bought a few older models to practice on, paint and strip, file, sand, BMF (bare metal foil) and then remove everything and start again, use them over and over and over. But, I'm having fun learning, competing with no one, just having fun. Started airbrushing, and instead of painting and stripping and painting and stripping over and over, got 100 plastic spoons, I airbrush the heck out of them, trying different paints, primers, polishing, techniques, masking, you name it. And, you know what? I'm getting a whole lot better (for me anyway). And...I have fun learning, every time I peel off BMF because I goofed a tiny little spot, I'm having fun and feeling satisfied, because I realize what I did to make it look bad, and I also realized what I need to do to make it look better. And, instead of getting ticked, I'm having fun, sitting down to build is fun, when I ruin something, it is fun, because I learned something that makes me better,when I get something right, it is fun because I mastered a new technique or skill. I think my attitude is pretty good for this hobby, and really good considering my Italian heritage. :)

    So Donald, the reason I tell you about my little dog and pony show is simply to let you know, if you have a good attitude, and you are having fun, you will get better, you just won't be able to help it, you will get better at getting better. The advice from the people you meet on here is priceless, I have made many new online friends, I have learned so much by watching Romell's cars, and countless other modelers and models that I thought were cool. Romell builds the way he can, because that's the way he can build, he shares so well, and if you notice, we all started at the same place, with that very first model.

    Donald, speaking for a lot of us, we're glad you are here, this is a great hobby, and the more, the merrier. I am a new guy here, but found it to be a welcoming and informative place. Don't sell yourself short, build for fun, read the tips here (that's where I get the things I practice, and watch the results. I wish you the best and thanks for joining us. Now, be prepared to stare in amazement when I finally post my spoons!! :rolleyes::lol:;)


  10. Hey David,

    You can also try E-Z Off oven cleaner, get a sealable container, spray parts outside, seal, and just wait. Sometimes overnight works best, soak as long as you need, will not hurt the parts. Get an old toothbrush for scrubbing out the cracks and hard-to-reach areas. Works on chrome, acrylic and enamel paints too, don't know about lacquer. Solvents are way too harsh for the plastic, especially lacquer thinner.

    Once part is soaked, you might see a little bit of color from the chrome "base", sometimes it is just stain, dip the toothbrush in the reside E-Z Off and scrub, then hit it with some #600 or #800 sandpaper very, very lightly. Make sure you wash the parts off, I use Dawn dishwashing liquid, then should be ready to paint once parts airdry. All of the above techniques have worked for me, and I sure hope these tips help you. Good luck and have fun!!


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