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  1. Hey Chris,

    Man, I love Wild Bill's, our LHS (local hobby shops) are all very nice, but very limited compared to Bill's. Keep me posted on events going on at the Speedway if you would be so kind, can't remember the 1:1 show that had the model show as well, but if you discover it, let me know, see ya at the show and maybe we can make another trip to Bill's. :P


  2. Hey Chuck,

    That is one sweet ride, looks so different to see a Maverick like you did it, and you did a great job, I love watching what happens when you "shake up" your parts box and let the creative juices flow. Looks just right to me, thanks for posting....now....do it again!! :)


  3. Hey John,

    Wow, this is sure one of your most interesting builds, the color combo is not one I had ever seen before, but I love it, thought I saw this posted before, glad I got to see it again. On the previous comment, I thought I had seen slicks with wrinkles in them after they pulled the cars up to the line or just parked them before they ran, air pressure is pretty low before they do a burnout, heat up and expanded, am I wrong about that? I am an amateur at these things, so just not sure, I thought the way you did them was just right. I sure am glad you post here, it really gives me enjoyment to look at your models, and thanks again John.


  4. Hey Chris,

    Welcome back, seems like more and more people are returning to the hobby and discovering this forum, and that is a great thing. I worked in Ft. Worth for two years, have returned home to Kemah (south of Houston by Galveston Bay) but still get up there once in a while. Two good tips for you that I learned from others......Wild Bill's Hobby Shop, what a place, has all the classics, drag cars, funny cars, cars, cars, cars, if you have never been, devote an afternoon when you can just browse. Also, at the Texas Motor Speedway they have 1:1 shows, and sometimes they have models shows too. I am sure others can give you more specifics, I learned about the shows there right before I came home, so never made one....yet. When you find one, let me know!!Hope this helps you meet folks in your area, and welcome back to the hobby!!


  5. Hey Gang,

    Been reading this with a lot of interest, have heard so many pro's & cons about the urethane, and still not sure if it is right for a amateur like myself. Still using Testor products in trial-and-error spraying (you should see my spoon collection, what I practice on, it is really getting awesome!!) and liking, to a point, most results. Because of where I live, have been drying things out in the sun for a couple of hours, no smell and hard as a rock when I bring them in, was going to get dehydrator for the cooler months, but now I am reading this doesn't always help paint cure? If the chemical process has to take place, will the heat from the sun just waste time or the dehydrator be a waste too? Still have many, many questions about paints and painting, but this made me stop in my tracks, now feel really confused. Can I get a little more info on what exactly happens here, thought "gassing out" meant the thinners and drying agents have to completely leave the paint, then it is "cured", thought heat helped, but what is really happening?

    On a positive note, David, green truck is stunning, don't know about not wearing pants when taking pictures and don't wanna know, and the rest who commented and posted pictures, thanks so much, ALL the pictures are so enjoyable, this forum just makes my day. Thanks in advance for clearing up my confusion, if I ever get a really good paint job, I will post, pants included. :lol::unsure::rolleyes:


  6. Hey Lownslow,

    Sometimes doing exactly what you did, doing justice to a great classic car without counting rivets, etc. and just making a clean detailed build can be very satisfying, you did an outstanding job, what a great representation of a great car. You did a fine job sir, let's see some more, and thanks for sharing with us!


  7. Hey Andre,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying this topic, your work is very detailed, and we are all enjoying this model. I am looking forward to more information about this work in progress, tips on the frame and chassis, aluminum parts and your painting technique would be great, as you said sharing is good for us and fun for all, learning new things is appreciated. Can't wait to see more, and thank you for posting! :)


  8. Curt,

    Agree with everyone else, you knocked this one out of the park, sometimes things really do fall into place, a great looking car, keep building those '32's. Thanks for posting.


  9. Hey Mike,

    I was trying to use copper as well, got one of the little Testor bottles, the copper has a very distinctive pinkish tint to it, didn't come out like I thought it should, very disappointing. Seems like the flat brass looks more copper, going to try to mix them and see results, will keep you posted. I had read somewhere about weathering with salt water after the paint dries to give it a touch of the green sheen, but never tried it.

    Also, Testor's has a downloadable catalog you can save in your computer if you ever need it, pretty accurate in my humble opinion. Hope this helps. a bit.


  10. Hey Kodiak,

    Just brousing through dioramas today (thinking about building one) and came across your excellent piece of work, looks really natural, you just did a great job, I love it. Pictures are really pretty good, gave me some ideas, thanks for posting for us.


  11. Hey Tye,

    Welcome, glad to have another new modeler here, brouse around, have some fun, ask some questions, lots of cool people and cool stuff, tips, techniques, you're gonna love it!! Here is a link to the same question I asked awhile back, lots of people helped out with their answers, hope it helps you.


    Keep looking in the Tips, Tricks and Tutorials section, there are some great older posts on using and building spraybooths. Good luck and enjoy the forums.


  12. Hey Peter,

    Thanks for the reply, let me give you a tip that has helped me out so much. First, get a hands-free magnifier, I got one from Micro-mark, wear it like a headband, that has helped sooooo much. A light is good, but when you sand, let's say over the sink, you can wear the magnifier. Second, try to get some good sanding material and a polishing kit when you can. Beauty supply houses, Micro-mark again, hobby stores and automotive stores will have resources for you, seeing your work and slowly sanding any rough edges and seams, then getting a smooth finish before priming and painting is the key. Keep looking around here, far better people than myself post helpful painting tips, read and enjoy.

    Hope this helps you as it did me, have fun.


  13. Hey Howard,

    Just wanted to say welcome aboard as well, you will really like it here, lots of good folks and lots of good information to get you back to building and just plain having fun. Read your intro, time span about the same as mine, similar story here, built, left, now back again, hanging around here has really helped me get back in the groove and now trying things never tried before, really lots of cool people here, any questions, just ask, lots of people to help with problems or how-to's. Look for Mark Taylors "Back-2-Basics" and just look that over, starting like that with just a clean understanding of some basics will do wonders to get your skills back again.

    If you are anywhere close to Houston, there is a show this Sat. (21st) in North Houston, if you need more info let me know. Ok Howard, have some fun, glad you joined us.


  14. Hey Jim,

    I like it, I like it, I like it!! Interior shots look fantastic, hey, exterior looks sharp too!! Just a really cool car, and you know I gotta have the cool!! Good job Jim, looks just right, you did a great job, thanks for posting for us.


  15. Hey Baddgass,

    That is one sweet Caddy, pull up next to that at a light and you are in for a big surprise!! Looks great, just a fine looking car. Thanks for posting.


  16. Hey Chuck,

    Looks great, at the risk of sounding (typing?) stupid, what is sticking out of the rear window? Propeller, intake, wind-me-up-here, rocket launcher, James Bond thig-a-muh-jig, can't figure out what that is? Looks really cool, think your imagination on this one stayed up late, really like it. Thanks for posting!


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