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  1. Hey Bryan,

    Welcome aboard, just wanted to say hello, this is just a great place, lots of great modelers and great models, you're gonna like it here!! Also wanted to compliment you on your Camaro, very, very nice, looks clean as a whistle, details just set this one off, and you sure know how to take a good picture!! Wow, just looks sharp, hope you have fun here, let's see some more, and thanks for posting this one.


  2. Hey Chuck,

    Wow what a wonderful car, you did a fantastic job, that delivery will always be on time, just looks great, man oh man oh man!!

    This one really brings back memories for me, my mother loved convertibles and had, I believe a '62, F-85 convertible, white with blue interior, that is the car her and my father patiently taught me how to drive in at the local fairgrounds, such a cool little car, mom always liked the ragtops!! Traded that in on a Delmont (not Delta) Olds convertible, red in & out, a really huge cool car, ran like champ, lots of power and great drive-in car!!

    Where did you get this one at, would like to try my hand at one for the memories shelf, yours' just looks so sweet, and love the stance, you did a great job Chuck!! Thanks for posting for us. B)


  3. Hey John,

    Wow, looks great, a little creativity and a few pens just turned out too sweet, good job!! Know what you mean about the models from when we were a couple of years younger..ha ha. Don't even want to think about the models that disappeared along the way, I also used to keep a binder with color pictures that I got out of Hot Rod magazine, I ended up with probably 180-200 pictures, wished I had them now, me & Dad would make our monthly trip to the store for Argosy mag for him, and Hot Rod for me. A good memory.

    Dyno Don was a true legend, you did a wonderful job, and as always, thanks for sharing with us!


  4. Hey Eric,

    Just found your topic today, and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your fine work, just beautiful!! Thank you for posting for everyone to see!!

    Best regards, Mike

  5. Hey Gang,

    Thinking about building a little background for taking simulated indoor pictures, have seen similar walls in other pictures before, anyone know where to buy the walls, maybe train places? Also, know there are other scales that use letters to represent size, like the train folks do, what letter(s) represent 1/24 & 1/25 scale, not sure about that at all. Thanks in advance for all of your help!


  6. Hey John,

    Man, you never cease to amaze me, have been watching for these on Ebay as well, once in awhile see one missing parts or already build, when I see one in box, $$$$ too much for me!! You did a great job on this trike, have loved this since it first was issued, you did the paint such justice, looks different than I've ever seen before, love the way you always put your personality and passion into your models, just such a joy and pleasure to look at. As always John, thanks for posting and sharing with your friends here!! :wacko:


  7. Hey Wolfie,

    Don't know what to say, your builds are something else, fastest ambulance gasser I've every seen, come to think of it, the only ambulance gasser I've ever seen, just not the prettiest I guess!! Has remarkable perspective, fantastic detail, love your ideas, thanks for posting. :)


  8. Hey Romell,

    Having never been to any model show or contest of any kind, don't know how to compare NNL vs. something else, but, know that something you or anyone can say from the heart can really be misinterpreted online. Seen it happen here, know how you feel, and we will see it happen again. Models should be judged on their merit, all contests in life should be judged on the particular merits, but, bro, sometime that just don't happen. Takes a man to admit they were wrong, even though you weren't, glad you still had fun, and jealous you got to hang with Mr. Terisi, bet you guys shared a lot about cars, models and life. How cool is that?

    Did you post pictures of the green truck here? I'll have to look for them, in the mean time, keep having fun, keep on building, keep on posting, we appreciate your efforts to make the forum a fun and positive place.


  9. Hey Dan,

    Never saw the previous posts, but just love this car, man, it just looks like you just got the salt off after ya got it back in the garage, what a cool car!! Love it, just looks so right. Thanks for posting!!


  10. Hey Jim,

    Wow, what a cool car, looks really good, can tell what a pain the interior must have been, but just look at the end result!! Lookin' good sir, love the body color, great job Jim, and thanks for posting.


  11. Hey Dennis,

    Wow, looks great, what a super sweet car, just looks so right and so clean, love it. Your list of paints and modifications and parts is just so simple but so effective, great all-around display, love the tub, great job, thanks for posting.


  12. Hey Jerry,

    You should be very proud, your rail looks great, never seen those decals before, but like 'em, lots of us on here love those 60's dragsters, and your looks really great, to an old guy!! :lol: Keep up the good work, look forward to your next car, and thanks for posting. :)


  13. Hey John,

    Love this car, enjoy all your posts whether brand new or your first ever model, and everything in between. Really cool idea with the back window, and your words ring true, just build, study, improve and keep on buildin'!! Once again, thank you for sharing and posting for us. Keep 'em coming sir!!


  14. Hey Wayne,

    I hear ya, so don't think you are alone out there.....out there.....out there...........no one listens to me either.

    Don't know why I am in this again, now I'm up to almost 10 cents, man, this is getting expensive!! I just don't want this place to become too diluted, add all the links you want, we get that.....shame on those that got so sarcastic....click if you want, don't click if you don't want, everyone understood that from the start, but down the road, if the whole flavor changes, well....? :P


  15. Uh, I don't think anybody thinks that. I don't think we can fill up the Internet. I think we know there is no magic button, if there is I hope no one trips and hits it by accident. I don't watch cartoons, so can't quote as eloquently as the above contributor. I wonder what the new forum will be called? Model Cars and Tanks and Planes and Ships...... B) I wonder why I am wasting my time.....Hey, what do I know? I think CrazyJim is not so crazy.....

    Don't click on it......hhmmmmmm....never crossed my mind.....pure genius....CrazyJim, did you get that?

    If the mods are busy now, wait until the new folks get here......

  16. Hey Gang,

    Hopefully I am not one of the narrow-minded or closed-minded people that were previously referred to. I also subscribe to SMC, FSM, have armor experience, plane, boat, flat paint, weathering, pastels, etc. and it does nothing but increase my knowledge and abilities. Everything you learn will help make you a better modeler, no matter what you build. But I realized my passion in modeling is cars, (and an occasional bike) and this is the place for that. There are plenty of other places for the above mentioned things, and people would be missing a lot by not visiting those places. The more you see, the more you absorb, the more you learn. That is great, we all need to keep doing that, know I will, I am smart enough to know how dumb I am. I will always keep seeking new info, anyplace I can get it, to make myself better, as I am sure you are all doing as well. Don't ya just love this hobby, and love this place? I do!!

    Let me ask you this, would you rather walk into a good LHS and see models, or would you like to go to one of the big retailers and wade through diapers, canned food, makeup, assemble-yourself furniture, shoes, kids fashion (you get the idea) before you get to why you went there in the first place. If you are trying to make this place, like a big retailer, into a know-all, show-all, catch-all, have-all with everything model related, it WILL lose its special flavor, and just be another, well.....big retailer. I like the Mom & Pop feel of this place, that will not stay the same. It's not about being closed minded, it's about changing the flavor. Mom & Pop vs. Walmart. Both have their purpose, but where would you rather spend your time brousing? But what do I know? Anybody got change for a nickel? B)


  17. Hey Gang,

    Want to make a slammer, kit does not have side windows, was just going to use some clear plastic from some packaging, going to paint it with acrylic flat black, so far so good. Now, do I paint the plastic on the inside or outside, would you use gloss or flat, is there a better material to use (Evergreen?) or something else to try. You folks always have the coolest ideas, what do you use on your slammers? As always, thank you so much for reading and responding!


  18. Hey Gang,

    Ya know, when this came up awhile back, I threw 2 pennies in, but the more I think about it, in my humble opinion, this should remain a model car forum. Adding motorcycles (not bicycles) would be cool, but, as previously stated, it is Model Car Magazine. And why should we keep it as is? Because of what I did today. I did another BMF session, (spectacular), airbrushed, (spectacular), wired an engine, (spectacular) and hope to work on this car over the next few days and make it the first one I ever posted. And why is it so spectacular (in my humble opinion)? Because of the great folks on this great forum. I look over your shoulders at your models, read your comments over and over, waste a lot of paint, EZ Off, BMF, glue, sandpaper, etc. but you know what? I spend a lot less time redoing and a lot more time....doing. I have been looking at cars, just cars, nothing but cars, your cars, and I have used the forum exactly as I intended to use the forum when I joined in February. To return to the hobby...and become a whole lot better than I was when I stopped 20 years ago. Sure, I drop some comments, ask some questions, waded into a thread I should have not touched, but, 99.9% of the time I was using what you folks do to make what I do better, and it worked. It would not have held my interest as a watered-down model car forum, I have visited a couple of those, but I log on here at least twice a day.

    I love it here, and I love what happens here. It wouldn't be the same if you change it. Create another place in another space, but please leave this alone. Start another magazine, start another something.... but please leave this place alone. 2 pennies are now in the jar. Thanks for reading.


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