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  1. Hey Roger,

    Welcome to a great place, where are you from in Illinois, I was born in Springfield many, many, many moons ago. This is a very cool place with a lot of cool people and some of the best cars I have ever seen, great place to be. Love the Impala, are you going to leave it white, would look so cool like that, and this one looks great. Is that Ringo Starr in the background? :) Glad you joined us, thanks for posting, hope you show some more of your work for our viewing pleasure!


  2. Hey Jim,

    Wow, the memories you must get from this one, looks great, right before I stopped building I did about 4 different models with thread, wish I still had them, your first attempt at diorama back in the day was, to me, a great success!! Webbing is just too cool, and love the placard with your name and the information on your car, aren't you glad you still have this? Man, I love it!! Thanks for posting Jim, keep looking in the closet and post some more.


  3. Hey Murphy,

    This is a sharp looking car, you can tell you made something cool and different, good job!! All your hard work and imagination paid off....and that's why ya do it, right? Very nice, thanks for posting for us.


  4. Hey Daniel,

    Welcome to a really good place for modeling, you will enjoy the people and learn a lot of new things here. Thank you for posting your models, they look absolutely wonderful, you did such a good job building and weathering them. As far as your english, no problem understanding you at all, it is a pleasure to welcome you aboard, have fun, and thanks again for showing us your fine work!!


  5. Hey gang,

    I have my 90+ cars in closets, I intend on building every kit that I have as my skills increase, as well as keep my eye out for cool, affordable bargains along the way. The reason I have so many is, after long time away from the hobby, when I went to build what I really like (everything Mopar, altereds, rails, gassers, funny cars, 60's & 70's muscle cars) and remember from before, I realized that many are expensive and hard to find, if not out of reach altogether. When I find what I like, I grab it, not to collect, but to build. Hopefully I will build well into the future, and want to build what I love and enjoy, not whatever I can find or what is today's moneymaker for the manufacturer. We are all, no matter our skill level or ability, blessed to have something we are so passionate about, can share with our new online friends on the forum, and create something permanent we can retain as long as we want. In this day and age of disposable garbage, to me, even the worst glue bomb says someone took the time to sit down and...do something....even if they did a horrible job, they sat down...and did something. That's cool. :)


  6. Hey John,

    Very, very nice model, anything "Big Daddy" is good to see, you did such a nice job on this one, must have taken a lot of patience to get it just right. I am a big fan of "Big Daddy", but do not remember ever seeing this car before, would you have any history on this one that you could pass along for us? I have been to his museum twice as well, and just can't remember this one. But, it could just be me.... Anything you care to share would be greatly appreciated, and thanks for posting!


  7. Hi Charlie,

    Just wanted to let you know what I have discovered about stripping paint and chrome. First, get a sealable piece of tupperware or something similar, then fumes are not a problem once you close it up. I got an oval shape container (about 5 X 10 inches, think it was Rubbermaid, has a thick blue lip around top for sealing) at Walmart, almost large enough for a whole parts tree at once, split tree in half and no problem stripping chrome on entire model. Great investment, and mulit-use, as we shall see.

    For stripping chrome, get a bottle of Mr. Clean or Pinesol, keep it reserved for this one thing, and use it over and over again. Place parts in container, dump entire bottle in container, and worse case scenario let soak overnight, most chrome dissolves after a few hours. Funnel Pinesol back into bottle, add some Dawn to container with parts still in, add pretty warm water and shake for a minute to remove Pinesol. Rinse parts in strainer, they have a fine wire one at Walmart, and they also have a fine wire drain trap there too, keeps parts that float out when rinsing from vanishing and driving ya nuts!! Drain and let sit on paper towels. Now, some chrome will completely vanish and some will leave the layer underneath, everybody's chrome seems to be different.

    For removing either the paint or the last layer of chrome I use fume-free E-Z Off, place parts in container once they are dry from the Dawn rinse, take outside and spray E-Z Off, seal, and container can go back in house. I have only stripped acrylic and enamel, don't know about lacquer. I usually let first app. soak overnight, seems to take longer than stripping the chrome, but does work. Scrub between soakings with old toothbrush to get nooks and crannies, keeping spraying and scrubbing as needed. When stripped to your satisfaction, bath in Dawn,and airdry again. I have never had any type of damage to the plastic using this method, and I have stripped both a lot of chrome and a lot of acrylic paints this way, doing lots of trial and error, but have to improve, you know?

    Hope this helps you, wanted to give you my little tips, and I always appreciate yours. Let me know how things turn out, and good luck.


  8. Hey gang,

    Enjoying all the feedback so far, Eric, awesome place, out of the way but still convenient, chilling in Jag seats, how cool is that, thanks for posting for us.

    Highway, ya mean I gotta find a way to hold my parts now, there is no levitation trick? Darn, wait until I tell Santa!!

    Art, you are right about the kitchen, she cooks, I clean, and she is really getting the better deal, when she walks out I "pad up" to go in. Really scary.

    Mark, the tool gremlin has a cousin that lives here, moves tools, pens, glasses, keys.....

    Wayne, I understand exactly what ya mean, and CrazyJim, I still love your paintbooth-will travel, I gotta try that.

    Thanks to all that have replied so far, man, I love it here, let's see more!!! :D


  9. Highway to the rescue!!

    Hey Matthew, thanks for the assist, really like your little slice of heaven, looks like you put a lot of thought into organizing what you need without wasting time wondering where it is, it looks fast and easy to work there. I especially like the way you levitated the blue engine on the right next to the blinds, must REALLY make it easy to paint. I am just working on half of the dining room table for now, when I get something else going, you'll have to show me how to levitate my parts too!! :D Thanks


  10. Man, now I really feel hopelesssssss.....found 93 cars, 7 ships, three planes, 2 Revell choppers, distributed among three different closets, all in boxes.

    On my workbench I have 2 bikes and three cars, and all I really have learned how to do well...is strip paint. (Big sigh here) :lol:


  11. Tom,

    Welcome back!!

    As everybody has already stated, this is a great place to hang your hat, and a great place to learn. Lots of us were gone (me 20+ years) but have returned. and this is the best place to catch up and learn about some of the changes in the hobby and the available resources for modelers that we never had/used before. I know it has already helped me and know it will help you as well. Have fun, that part never changed. Good luck!! (Eddie rocks!)


  12. Hey Mat,

    Car looks very cool, paint is nice, I'm trying to work up the nerve to do a two-tone, hope it comes out as good as yours. What a nice gift for your friend, a very kind thing to do. Another great reason to build, car looks cool. And, ya gotta love the fink!! Thanks for posting.


  13. Hey Darren,

    As simple as Harry's reply sounds, it is what you need to do. I just tried the same thing, worked great! Sprayed flat black for underneath, no masking, when it dried, sprayed the edges at low air pressure, then sprayed the top, key is where you start from, and spraying toward the outside when doing the topcoat. I was doing what you did with the brush until I tried this, very satisfied with results, answered an age old question for me too. Oh, I tried the first attempts with cheap paint on cardboard just to check out overspray, if you aim right, nothing to worry about.


  14. Hey Bob,

    Super nice model, I remember this one well, never got it but always thought it was one of the coolest at the time, aren't you glad the classics coming back?

    Man, you just did such a nice job on your car, it just looks so sharp, especially the pictures by the box. amazing, and thanks for posting.


  15. Hey Gang,

    Well, after another cup of coffee I had one more question. Do you think it is more important to make a model that is just perfect in every mechanical, etc. detail, or to just build what you feel it should be in your mind? Do not get me wrong, you should always make a car look right, but...I am not really much of a mechanic, so if I put something on a car that looks just sooooo cool, but would never, ever, ever be done in the 1:1 car world for a lot or reasons, is that right or wrong? Form or function? Perfection or art? This is a question that I have been wanting to ask since I joined the forum, and your opinions are very important to me, don't know if others wrestle with this consideration when they are building, but know down the road know I will, have the imagination, if the skills ever catch up.....wow :lol:

    Thanks for any replies, man, I just love it here!!


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