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    Please don't turn this into something else, if you want it to be something else, start something else.

    I am enjoying reading about other members and their stories, people want to share their works with others, that is their intention and the intention of having this forum where you can display pictures and share your works and progress. So, there should be no intention that is already not self evident. Post all you want, as many times as you want, if we want to view, we can, if we want to ignore, we can. Pretty easy isn't it. Romell started a very nice topic and I am glad he did.


    P.S. Please continue to share your stories gang,

  2. Hey Gang,

    Okay, now something new to think about, my search is narrowed down to 1/32 at this point, Rob has provided me with a lot of great answers, thanks to all that have replied. (Yo to my man Highway!!) I am going with either Scalextric or Carrera, thinking right now that it is a coin flip, have been doing a lot of reading online and it seems like both brands are good, have a little differences, but both still good. Exactly how will the difference in voltages affect performance, and will it affect the car motors long term. I know I will probably get cars from different sources, and I want to baby them, as much as you can baby a slot car anyway. Or should I jsut get a track and use their cars exclusively? Gordon, I guess you mean the cars will be too "hot" for the track, right? I think I am leaning towards Carrera for the track because I plan on putting track on plywood attached to the wall that I can "hinge" up out of the way for more room when not using and Carrera seems, from what I have read, to attach better of the two. Or should I....? Whatcha think? Thanks.


  3. Hey Gang,

    Romell brought up a really cool topic, glad he did, and glad we are sharing our stories.

    Don't remember how old I was when I started building maybe 6 or 7, my parents were adding an addition to our house, but it cost more than they thought so the extra unfinished bathroom became my model room, had a card table, a lamp and some glue. Built whatever I could get Mom to buy, liked cars the best, but thought planes and boats and monsters were cool, too. Once a month would go to the Ideal Drug Store with my Dad, he would buy some cigars and his Argosy magazine and he would buy me a copy of Hot Rod magazine. I had a binder with a bunch of plastic inserts that I got from his office, and I had the coolest collection of Hot Rod magazine pictures you've ever seen, I must have done that every month for 9 or 10 years, only color shots, I loved the drag cars and the wheelstanders the best. Started building more cars, trying spray cans, thread for plug wires, nail polished an engine for no good reason, but after several coats, it looked just liked my mom's fingernails. Red and shiny, and made no sense compared to the rest of the car. Oh well.

    Don't know exactly what happened to all of my cars, had a shelf with about 20 models on it, know my little brother was good for losing a couple a year, as I got older and more into music, got farther away from the models (big sigh here....) don't remember my first one, but remember my favorite one......Revell's Custom Honda Drag Bike, built mine stock, I know I did a great job on it because I used less than one tube of glue, no details, no paint, but it was one of the coolest things I ever built, and the only one I really miss. See them online for a lot more than they are worth, a guy in Canada made a counter-offer on Ebay for $220.00, not that desperate yet.

    Didn't build for years, did music instead, lots of travel, lots of precision, lots of technical skills to master, professional studio work is so much harder than you might think. I started building again a few years back, trying to master good solid basics first, think I have done well, now just trying to get my photography skills to a decent level so I can start posting. Really, really enjoy building, helps me relax, love the finished product, even if no one else sees it, I am content to put on the shelf and admire from time to time. I like the exactness of getting it right, I will probably be mostly a box-stock modeler and I am fine with that, don't want to have to obcess over every little detail, if AMT, Revell, etc. put their names on it, good enough for me, know a lot of models need a lot of extras, my challenge is make the best with what I got. (Please, please, please don't start on the be-all-you-can-be-stuff....I spent years doing that for the music, now I just want to have fun.....I'm content, okay?) just seeing all those random parts in the box come together as a finished model is just so cool for me, I am having too much fun!!!! Also, building takes me back to a time when I was a happy kid building in that unfinished bathroom, mom would come by to see if I was hungry, dad would come in and watch, and my brother would come in and sit on the floor and draw, he was very artistic, but didn't like the models, he just drew stuff. All three have gone away, so, when I build, takes me to a good place with my little family as kid, and that's alright with me.

    Okay, well, while I am at bat, I'm tossing out another ball here.....if someone builds for himself but wants to share, and enjoys the attention, the feedback, the contests, the adulation, well, so be it. For me, it seems easier to express things in modeling by comparing to the music business, and I have never met a musician who didn't like a pat on the back or an "atta boy" (or girl), applause after giving it your best, comments from people regarding your performance, the list goes on and on. If you do something that you truly love, but desire to share your work with others, that is a good thing, that doesn't mean your ego has run amuck, it is just a natural process. When I look at other modelers work, of course I am admiring their talents, no matter how great or how small, and yet I am also simply comparing what they are doing or have done with my own abilities. I see some great work here, and some work that could use a little improvement, although lately it is as much about the camera as it is about the build. It takes a lot of nerve to expose your art to others, and of course you want recognition, it is the gauge you use to improve. When I hear the worst musician in the world, I am thinking, man, this is the worst musician in the world, but at least they had the stones to put it out there for all to judge. When I see a total glue bomb posted here by some youngster, at the same time I am thinking, man what a glue bomb I am also thinking, hey they have got the idea, the love, the passion, the motivation, well, the list goes on. Do something long enough and you can't help but get good at it. It's like I have said for years, I am getting better at getting better.

    Why this little ramble here on Romells topic? Because I hope that some will read this and realize, hey, it is just a hobby, it is supposed to be cool and fun, and now we have this great forum so we can get out of our little rooms and share with other like-minded individuals, no matter what their talent level is. I have seen a few topics get nasty lately, and that is the only bad thing about the forums, the few folks who want to stir the pot over the right paint, the right rivet, this error, that detail, this part, that year......the list goes on. Think about what got you started building and why you still build, and if it is a good memory, make sure you don't destroy that in others.


    Oh, and to answer Romell's question, I too build because I love it, from opening the box to the moment it hits the shelf.

  4. Hey Brad,

    I used them for my newest airbrush and compressor about a year ago, their service was fantastic, prompt shipping, email updates, no hidden costs, everything was exactly as it should be. Also did one other accessory order, same great results, I wouldn't hesitate to use them.

    Don't know if his email address is still good or if he still handles the paint, but I got some items from Terry Love in 2009, no problems with him either, he seems like a real good guy.

    Hope this helps.


  5. Hey Gang,

    See a lot of models with handles, door locks, trunk lock, etc. shaved off. Me, I think it looks pretty cool depending on the build, but want to know how it works in the real world. I would guess you would use some type of remote to get in, and then some type of cable release for the trunk. Hopefully a good guess. But, if this is true, what happens if you lose keys/remote, or if your battery dies,how do you get in? And also, if you have a convertible, do you just reach in and open the doors, or is there a way to make your vehicle a little more secure so that any fool that wants to open your doors can't mess with it? I had a convertible that I always used the remote to arm system so that it would at least (hopefully) get mine or someone else's attention.

    As always, thanks for the info., I appreciate it.

  6. Hey Robert,

    Thanks for the kind reply, it really helped me. Scalextic is exactly what I wanted and couldn't remember, thank you. I did a little browsing on the Net last night, and seems like Carrera has a lot of good reviews and products. I did not know that cars were switchable from brand to brand, that helps a lot too. I like the idea of a car you can see (and display) as well, when I was playing with the boys set, they had a bunch of HO cars their dad had gotten at garage sales, most ran ok, but there was this one blue 'vette that just screamed, but when it was running, just like you said, one little blue blur, it was still a blast to drive, but.... Think Carera cools rods is where I am going to start, if I go HO Auto World got good reviews as well. What are your thoughts on digital sets, should I start with a small digital set and work my way up? I don't really know if the digital might take the fun away because too hard to master when I use with either my age group or the kids.

    Also, what does LMP stand for, don't know that term. And if I buy some aftermarket cars, should I buy Carrera and Auto World or look at other brands?

    Robert, thanks again for your help, it is just so great to have online friends in these great forums to help with questions like mine. Cool!!


  7. Hey Gang,

    Was out of town for the 4th, my Godson's dad set up their H.O. track, long story short, I played with the cars for hours. Had a Strombecker set back in the day, not sure of scale maybe 1/24 or 1/32. See larger scale sets online, see H.O. as well, larger scale sets are pricey, digital sets are pricy, Carrara and some other brand keep popping up the most (sorry forgot name, starts with an "E")

    What is a good way to get back in on a reasonable budget? What is a reliable brand that can be expanded if I stick with it? Are larger scale cars worth it or just an expensive waste of money? The H.O. cars were a blast, but won't I end up wanting larger cars and track? Space is not an issue, smart shopping and a reasonable budget are the goal here.

    Might also be interested in buying or trading, but want to do it properly to keep the moderators from moderating, at least moderately. (Huh?)

    Thanks as always.


  8. Hey Brian,

    Thanks for the tip, I have the EXACT same camera, so the settings you suggested are just exactly what I needed. My pictures never reflect what I built, which I why I never post, I just never got the quality I was looking for, but you opened up the door for me and I thank you.....as I am sure a lot of other people will also.

    For what it is worth, I found a little tripod like that on Ebay for $.99 with free shipping, got here in about 10 days and works great. Keep adding tips, look forward to reading more.

    How about walking us through posting the final shots, I for one always do better when I see something than when I read about it.

    Thanks again Brian.


  9. Hey Gang,

    Once the paint has gassed out, you can put the lid back on, if you use low-tack tape it is easy. If you use lids with a cork gasket the gasses/solvent will not affect them, the foam-rubber ones will dissolve especially if "hot paint". I learned all this the hard way, easiest is just decant, wait until gassed out, stir a little bit as it sits, when bubbles stop gasses are gone, and shoot it rather than waiting to store the paint for longer periods of time.

    John, once the paint is gassed out, most gaskets should work fine when you put the lid back on, you just need to get the propellants out of the jar first, that is why the tape with holes. Simple, easy, cheap low-tack is fine. Works great, I had bought a bunch of close-out spray cans before I bought my airbrush, so I have decanted a lot, just trial-and-error learning from my good...and bad experiences.


  10. Hey John,

    Thanks to you and Art for providing details on urethane and link for decals. Man, is this looking sweet, I swear it looks like you could get it and drive it. You work just knocks me out, and I sure thank you for posting...for all of us.


  11. Hey Steve,

    Before I forget, try polishing out the paint before you polish out the clear, I always thought you just needed to polish the clear only, but just give a decent polish to the paint before clearing, don't have to give it too much elbow grease, you'd be surprised, I was.

    Like I said, finish looks just right to me, this car just looks great.


  12. Hey Steve,

    No worries on this one, looks great. I don't know why, but you just never seem to see a lot of white cars, seems like black and red are the two most popular colors. Your car just looks so distinctive and the finish on the paint looks good to me. The trim really pops out the white paint, man, I think it's one sharp Challenger. Not too over the top, almost a sleeper except for the blower, very subtle, but I think that's what makes it so elegant.

    Thanks for posting!


  13. Hey John,

    Really looking good in the home stretch, enjoyed watching this one come together. The paint looks just right for the type and year of car, really brings out the lines and sets off the decals, nice, nice, nice!!!

    A couple of questions if you don't mind, what will you be using for clear? It seems to me in another post you had said you use urethane, but I just can't remember. Is it safe for all different types of decals? And, does your friend Art with the decals make them for other people or know anyone who does? Appreciate any tips you can provide.

    Thanks again for posting John, been a blast watching this one!!


  14. Good job Andy, you picked just the right color paint, and the stance says F-A-S-T. Can't wait to see the finished car, make sure you post a bunch of pictures for us. 13 huh? Man..... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: (Just kidding, I'm happy for you!!)


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