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  1. I wasn't in the DC area until the mid and later '70's during high school. I knew folks that talked about Bozo the Clown.......seen pics of him but never knew that was Willard. Willard was the weatherman on WRC at the time I was there. I remember because we had a NASTY snowstorm come through that he totally missed (Winter of '77) and he took some heat for getting the forecast very wrong. I heard he was a very nice guy in person as well as on air.
  2. Wow! I never knew that! I lived in the DC area (went to high school there) and I never put the two together! They say "you learn something new everyday".......ain't that the truth?? ☺️
  3. All I'll say is I'm very familiar with this car as I was carted around in one as a kid. That's ALL I can say!
  4. Steve, that is looking FANTASTIC! I take it those are The Chief's carbs? I sure wish I had those when I built my Daytona 20 years ago.....would have saved me a LOT of work! πŸ‘
  5. Chopper's gone??? Wow...........now THAT is a stunner! Here's a pic of Chopper on the left from the Toledo NNL back in 2008. Standing next to a MUCH less grayer me is Albert Wallace. Another one that passed away just a few years ago.
  6. OK.............I'll admit it. I have ALL 52 episodes of Speed Racer on my hard disc! That was my FAVORITE cartoon as a kid and when it first aired here in Central PA back in the fall of '68, ALL the kids were talking about it! Even the girls. Interesting enough, I remember reading an interview years ago done by Car and Driver as they were talking to Corinne Orr who was the voice of Trixie (and all the female voices) and she said that one of the reasons you hear so many "oohs" and "aahs" in the cartoon, was because that was something that couldn't be translated from Japanese into English.
  7. I have to admit......for what some might think are "cheap diecasts", many of their models are downright NICE! I have the ROG kit of this car, but if I come across this, I'd certainly like to grab one. πŸ‘ Now if we can get them to do a 1965 Volvo P1800.............
  8. That '64 Ford drag set has my attention! I've never had a kit of that year Ford.........and I already have a very restorable '64 Falcon I could put on the trailer. I do believe the Galaxie is a snap fit? Looks like it could be an excellent candidate for kit-bashing with their '60 Starliner. πŸ‘
  9. That depends on how tired I am during the course of the week. I work third shift, so Sundays through Thursdays I may only get an hour or so of time to work on anything. There are mornings I come home so zapped, it can take me a couple hours to get motivated to do anything. Throw in this is grass cutting/yard work season now and that time can be very limited. Weekends (Fridays and especially Saturday) I can put in a good number of hours. Maybe five or six total. I'm not one to count hours on a WIP however. There might be a long length of time that goes by that I don't touch a thing a
  10. At the time I was learning to drive (1976-'77), there were two cars I got to learn to drive in. At the time, my Mom had a '69 Javelin SST with the 390 auto. She was wary (understandably so) about me driving it as it could be a handful if one wasn't careful. My then Stepdad had a '69 Lincoln Continental Mark III (LOVED that car!), which I got to practice driving (him with me) quite a bit. We had our Driver's Ed cars in school when I was able to take it..............1976-'77 Olds Cutlass Supreme, same year Pontiac Grand Prix and a HUGE Caprice. I ended up taking my test in that one eventual
  11. This one will be done............soon. Then these two will be on my table simultaneously....... Shelby Green Hornet.... And the 1/8th Agora Shelby Cobra when the last of the parts will come in October. My ultimate project I want to get started on before the year is out?? This car... I've got everything I need now to get started including the hood I FINALLY found on eBay from a junker Salvinos Olds body. I'll be using a '75 Johan Olds as a start with the rear roof section from a junk Monte Carlo body (modified slightly). I might thro
  12. Absolutely fantastic Bruce! Despite the kit's difficulties, I still may grab one of these down the road. MFH kits once they quit making them, can be hard as heck to get. It'll never get any cheaper either!
  13. Absolutely PERFECT conversion! That's one that would get lots of attention on a show table. I think that's the first I've seen one of those converted into a Brougham. πŸ‘
  14. One good tool to have (and they're cheap) is to use some sort of "scale ruler". In the case of the Chrysler, you would need to cut roughly 4 scale inches out of the chassis and floor pan to suit the Dodge. In this case, you'd need to subtract about 5/32 of an inch to get very close if not exact to what you want. Yup! They're the ones that pretty much forced GM (and later Ford) to do the same thing across their divisions. The '59 models from GM were forced on them after they saw what Chrysler did to their '57's. Those were game changers which pretty much had GM caught with their pants
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