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  1. Yes.........there should be just a bit more real estate between the trailing edge of the door and the leading edge of the rear wheelwells. Stretching the body behind the wheelwells may be in order too. This is another one of my brainstorm projects way down the road as I have this kit and all what's needed to cobble it together. I just need to get through my other stuff first!
  2. Wouldn't you know it! I just looked on eBay and there are a number of those fiberglass 'Vettes on there. This one here for instance doesn't look bad at all..........now I'm tempted!
  3. I originally sold it back in 2010 (or thereabouts) to a fellow in Great Britain. I got a lot more selling it than I originally paid for it. I regretted it later on and have since got another one with the box and all. The next one I got didn't have the display base or cover, so I went and got a nice mirrored glass case for it. Safe and sound from my nosy cats! ☺️ I've seen the fiberglass ones from Franklin Mint in 1/24 scale (a '63 Split Window Coupe). Not bad at all if not slightly off on the body lines. I haven't seen those listed in years and I can bet they go for a pretty p
  4. It is diecast metal. As long as it looks right (it certainly does), I don't get crazed about whether it's fiberglass or not.
  5. I bumped into this very interesting article about what Stellantis has in store for Dodge in 2024. In the article here, it reinforces also what I've thought about the future of ICE's and why auto manufacturers are going the route they're going. 🤔
  6. Corvette C8!! After only seeing this car in magazines and on the 'net for MONTHS, this past Saturday I stopped at our local grocery store and one parked almost right next to me just as I was getting out. It sounded good----not loud at all........a very nice rumble and not obnoxious. I NEVER park near the store as I hate "crowding" in parking lots and I can bet this fellow felt the same way. VERY sharp car in person..........BRIGHT yellow with black stripes. Nice guy driving it as we talked for awhile, but WOW is that car VERY low. I'm not sure I could get in one with my creaky knees these
  7. Both of those look GREAT! 👍 The kit pictured above is the very first kit I ever sat down to attempt to build in 1978 when I was a senior in high school. I wouldn't touch a model before that, but when a very miffed me who was supposed to have off that day from work (a Saturday) saw that it was pouring down raining outside......I went to the local hobby shop and that's what I came home with back then. I made a real mess of the kit, but as they say......."The rest is history".
  8. What he said! ^^^ ^^^ When I moved a couple years ago, I also took the built models with me in the car........NEVER would I trust them either by the movers, or in a truck bouncing around. Another consideration for anyone else that's moving this time of year........if you have any resin unbuilt kits, it might be a very good idea if they traveled with you and not in the hot truck. Here in the NE part of the States (and elsewhere) it's been VERY hot and humid and that is a sure fire killer of resin be it built or unbuilt. At best in your car you'll probably have the AC running, or
  9. A while back, I got the LA's Totally Awesome (Degreaser) to strip the chrome off a resin '57 Chrysler bumper which was badly plated. Took it right off, but I had to let it sit for at least a day. It wouldn't hurt to give it a try. If all else fails, you could try the other type and use what you bought for other things.
  10. Welcome Hans! Your English is MUCH better than I've read of those that have lived here their entire lives!
  11. Years ago, I used MCW paints in a spray can and it came out OK. Generally, I don't like spray cans as I can't control how much paint is going to come out at any given time, nor control how much propellant is in said can. It's one of the reasons I'm reluctant to use even Tamiya sprays for bodies. Of the couple times I used them, there was waaaay too much propellant in the can, which showed up as tiny bubbles on the paint surface. I'd much rather decant the sprays, let them "gas out" and airbrush them on. Another minus IMO about Tamiya's is while they can spray nicely and can put down
  12. I'm getting 2 3/4", or 70mm from side to side. Hope this helps!
  13. Got my kit folks! If you get this, you will NOT be disappointed! VERY well done body among other things, but man oh man............are those A pillars THIN!
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