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  1. Okey shows up at shows sporadically. He has a couple resin kits and some unassembled promos, but otherwise mostly Jo-Han parts bin (tail lights, tires and a few hoods)
  2. I went on their website last night around 5p Eastern time looking for the AutoCar dump truck (local stores stock of one each was gone) as they were offering free shipping over $50. They were not offering the 40% off on models? Oh well....I can wait a couple more weeks for the in store sale and stock to be replenished.
  3. Intentional duplicates (to build variations)......MPC Jeep, P/L VW Bug, AMT Challenger Unintentional duplicates......Tamiya RX-7, AMT Ranger Splash
  4. My oldest got his BS in Infomatics today......Bittersweet I'm an only child and my mom wanted grandchildren. She would have loved every minute of the graduation ceremony but she passed unexpectedly of a stroke 12 years ago this Memorial Day weekend. My youngest is a high school freshman next year so the wife and I will be doing this again in eight years.....hopefully just eight.
  5. FedEx left a package on my porch yesterday that had a non-existent house number and name of no one at my house. (the non matching address of my house is on the side of the mailbox below where the driver left it!) I thought maybe the shipper transposed numbers but no one of that name on the street (or they are rents so cant find through the Auditor's website. I tried to go through the FedEx website but it wouldn't take my info so I had to call. On the third try (the first two times the automated system said I cant change the tracking number as I was not the shipper), I finally got a lady th
  6. Stopped by one of the HL's this a.m......they might want to have a chat with their marketing person about killing off the 40% coupon and new pricing structure. Frequently when down the model aisle, I check out the die cast and something else comes home with me as well. 1/64 Johnny Lightning and M2's are now $13! I can go across the street and grab them for $6 - $7/each at Wal-Mart, Target or Meijer. Funko POPS are $13.....$9 at WalMart or $11 from Funko's website for the exact same ones! Next step will be major shrinkage of the whole aisle to a four foot section (like the loca
  7. From Yahoo's Home Page.... Disney’s problematic princess: why Snow White is forever being cancelled It's because of the non-consensual kiss of the Prince to Show White. My guess was they were lobbying to change it to Snow White and the Seven Vertically Challenged.
  8. Rocky & Bullwinkle Underdog Dudley Do-Right Tennessee Tuxedo and Chumley Mr Peabody & Sherman Woody Woodpecker Flintstones The Jetsons
  9. Only model purchase from the Dayton toy show Sunday...... It' s missing the rims and apparently the intake system, but it was $10
  10. From the Dayton Toy show yesterday........ 1/18 Aston Martins
  11. As I told both my sons, the best recipes were made when someone experimented. My soon to be college graduate can cook and the teenager is just starting to get into it
  12. 1/18 Maisto Lamboghini Urus and Hot Wheels Cadillac XLR
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