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  1. Beautiful Work, Pierre. Pinto kits are not "shake and bake" and you did a great job on this one. Great Job!
  2. Really nice work, Craig. I like this kit a lot. I built one years ago and have another one in my stash. Hope it turns out as well as yours!
  3. Nice Job, Thomas! Super clean build and outstanding paintwork.
  4. Amazing work. Great Job, Martin!
  5. Really nice work, Andreas. The engine bay looks fantastic. Great Job!
  6. Really nice build, Ville. Great finish and a really nice color choice. Super Job!
  7. Oh no, the kit that is mine is in 1/16 scale. Well, that explains it! The larger scale makes your model that much more impressive. Once again, Great Job!
  8. Many thanks, Larry. Hope we will see your Benz soon. I´m really curious. But the doors to be opened were original kit, that´s not an extra step. Well, that's interesting. Here's a link to the kit I'm working on: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/testors-italeri-229-mercedes-benz-300sl-cabriolet--1138326 The doors don't open. Is this the kit you used?
  9. Really nice work, Hanjo. I'm in the process of finishing the same model with a different color scheme right now, but didn't take your extra step of opening the doors. You executed that very well and it adds a lot to your model. Great Job!
  10. Thanks once again for the kind comments, Guys. I'm glad you liked my model. Sonny, the hood clips are p/e parts that came with the KA set. The windshield is the kit part.
  11. Really nice work, Craig. The color scheme really makes those wide whitewalls pop. Great Job!
  12. I love the livery. Great Job, Patrick! What kit did you use?
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