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  1. Me and all my friends from Tulsa will be there, and some of the local guys. Should be 14 - 20 of us.
  2. Snake put me in with this PT Cruiser try to get it done this time. Started this when it first came out, trying to make it look like something Chip Foose would ddo if he built one of these. Body was lowered on chassis and body was painted with MCW Panther Pink. Rims & Tires are from Fujimi.
  3. Snake put me in with this again trying to get it finished this time. Started this back when it first came out. I did it as what Chip Foose would do. Body Panther pink MCW . Rims and tires are from Fujimi. Body was lowered on the chassis.
  4. Thanks Snake however I am looking to trade for one, so I can get rid of some of these kits I so not have a need for and might help somebody else.
  5. Looking for Flintstone resin 1/25 1970 Chevy El Camino. I have lots for trade let me know.
  6. Looking for Flintstone resin 1/25 1970 Chevy El Camino. I have lots for trade let me know.
  7. Hey Snake now that things are calmed down here, put me in I will decided in the next day or 2
  8. That red Grand Prix real nice
  9. won this in a dirty Santa club meeting for Christmas Party. We all had till 3-22-21 to finish. The only changes I made was I used the top part of the engine fron the Revell F&F Dodge Charger. Tires are from 1 of the AMT part pack.
  10. Nice looking build. How did the kit go together, as I have 1 of these also.
  11. Would be interested in the Aston Martin. Let me looks and see what I got.
  12. AMT 1/25 2010 Camaro Convertible. There are no 2 parts that fit together.
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