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  1. Thank you, Ron! I will keep it in mind if I can get testors liquid cement 3502xt in Russia.
  2. Hello, Gents! Last work has brought sad results, but perhaps someone needing this experience. So I masked off cab & bed to spray insulations & plastic Window frames were masked with foil. I thought it more accurate. But foil is hard to cut through sometimes with first cut. Second cut can damage paint under mask And you get this kind of shame: May be I should take new blade before cutting.
  3. Thank you, Francis! I guess the material is - polyvinyl chloride. Haven't glued them jet. Perhaps I will use super glue - gel or epoxy.
  4. Thank you, Francis! Hello, colleagues! It's time to start a cab. As I came to assemble a 1999 Silverado on a nearby topic, and Silverado & TopKick have the same bed, it is better to take measurements from Silverado bed, when it not glued to frame. And before that it's better to make cab. Armed with PDF-files Cab have rounded sides... ...so I desided to cut them from vent tube Printed drawings and glued on Back wall has difficult shape. It has a step outwards to increase cab space 2,5 inch more. So I divided this element to 3 pieces. The first one, which is reflecting
  5. I guess it might be too tricky to find 2 parallel wiper arms amoung PE wipers. You better leave these. One more thing: will you paint black middle line between grills?
  6. Thank you Chaz! You very kind, but every one can make things I've done! It's not so difficult.
  7. Thank you, Anton! I used Tamiya's epoxy putty to make tail light reflectors. Then I treated they with Dremel like tool. Good luck to you!
  8. Thank you, friends for your comments! I will try to picture this GMC outdoors as soon as possible.
  9. Thank you, guys, for your comments! To finish this build I desided to weather dump bed inside. After couple of heavy loads (especialy - gravel) paint starts to slide away, leaving a bare metal, which starts to rust. I started with silver alkid and dry brush. This is example of a wrong way: So the next stage was to cover all this nightmare, using air brush with Mr Hobby's Burnt iron. The paper on photo is template. The corners were sprayed with matt black. And dots of rust were squirted from hard brush. My first attempt. I guess I must change the brush & try different paint th
  10. Well done, Brian! I hope it is not too late to say that wiper arms need some more bending each side.
  11. Let's dust off the topic Still learning to mask off the parts
  12. Hello, Gents! Slowly going to finish! Let's start from nice touches. Her I made small red copys from originals, painted chrome. Sunvisors & front stand upholstery (marked with arrows). Glued windscreen with epoxy Rear window I really wanted to make a crushed stone crumb on the tread, as in the photo Yes, I planned to make the gravel in the body from drying pellets. These are sometimes put in new shoes inside bags . I picked it up - from the packages from the glucose test strips. And then rubbed on a spatula (in the photo-on the right). In my opinion, it turne
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