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  1. Ace Garage guy, yes you are correct. I bought 2 of each engine and frame from Model cave and didn't look at it that close! Thanks for keeping me on my toes(Monday morning brain fog after vacation)!You should know, You have all of them!
  2. Reegs, the Gofer dragster frame is the old Revell. The 427 engine is the old Aurora parts pack acquired when Revell/Monogram bought the Aurora tooling.
  3. The "Cal Drag Combo" sold out in my area! IF you want one buy it now! Local hobby shop ordered 22 and sold them all! More coming in Sept? Old Nostalgia sells well!
  4. paul alflen

    tire needed

    Give the size of the other tires(height and Width) and the O.D. of the rim the inner rim its is on please!
  5. you need to clean out your message box to receive my pm. thank you!
  6. you have a p.m.
  7. Thank you dave ambrose and all other moderators! take your bows now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks Paul.

  9. package is going out on friday, will let you know tracking numbers then by PM.
  10. Tom, I have two of the Greenlight Bambi 16 foot Airstreams in silver paint. These are 1/25th scale in diecast. You could cut one third side off of each and stretch it to 32 ft if possible? Also please send your address as I have found a book on the history of Defiance County, Ohio that i found in Goodwill resale in Fenton, Mi . It lists- 2 pages with Woodruff mentioned in the glossary. I know you are in to historical stuff also. Please accept my apologies for not send the e-mail. I upgraded my e-mail to google G-mail and they didn't send the e-mail with the attachment . that was on Monday an
  11. I would give you my cell number but I don't want it in public here! the Administrators said you need to clean out all you old PM's. from you message box for your P,M's too work again! try that first please! thank you!
  12. misterNNL , i will send a e-mail tonight on the trailer!
  13. The 1/25th 1967 and 1968 original Amt Mustang fastback kit parts interchange. These were retooled into kits from the promo molds. The 1968 AMT Mustang kit became the AMT 1968 Shelby Gt500 kit. This 1968 Shelby is still out in some Michaels and Hobby Lobby stores. This is the kit for Restoring pieces-Glass etc. Look on the bottom of this kit to see if it has the paRTS YOU NEED! Just no stock side lovers or stock bumpers The 1990's issue ( the one out now!)of the 1967 Mustang and Shelby GT 350 Mustang ( molded in white and black plastic)were new completely tooled molds. They had better chassis
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