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  1. I live near the Gm proving grounds in Milford, Mi. The colors from Maisto are the same colors the C8 test cars with the manufacturer plate running around here minus the black stripes. The other 2 engineering test cars I have seen are red and orange. Those colors are really noticeable on the road! A cop could spot you a mile away and not lose you in traffic if you are speeding !
  2. I have the thunder charger by T&T ,it's a nicely done resin, It has the Thunder Charger decals in it too. It is in a box similar to this one!
  3. Wow, your out of your comfort zone! Wow! I would think about adding dark colored scallops or mild flames to the champegne gold metallic!, just a thought. Don't let me pollute this great work of art though!
  4. Contact Danny at Scenes Unlimited, or see if the Modelhaus' son would be interested, he still markets the tire line that Don did years ago. good luck
  5. Just did a trade with 1948 Ron, everything went well. Item was as described. I would 100% trade with him again.
  6. 1948Ron you have an urgent p.m.
  7. Go to the Wanted Section and put your request there. People here will contact you by PM.( personal message) .Some will ship it to you and expect postage reimbursement. Some will not! given the age and rarity of this kit. Good luck!
  8. NOBLNG, thank you for this. I see you researched and executed the idea well. Looks good. Good job , sir! Swede 70 should be on his way now!!!
  9. Ok Casey, I can see that you won't be buying a set! LOL Seriously, every Lil Coffin kit I find to buy at a club meet for the wheels , the wheels are missing! OK then AMT if you are listening ,( John G.) copy these wheels and tires and offer them in a parts pack, please!
  10. If Atlantis has the 'Lil Coffin' tooling, can we get them to run the tires, wheels, and mags from it for a parts pack ?( like AMT's) Pete are you listening?( this is a money maker for you)
  11. I got the FM 1975 Corvette convertible in yellow with black top. A good deal at 1/3 the retail price. No Box or papers. (sorry no pics)
  12. Swede 70, try a Meijer store in the beauty supply. I saw a nail pattern for women's nails that looked like houndstooth in that scale . Don't know if they still have it. Try Sally beauty supply. I also know that a lot of current women's purses and jackets have that pattern. Maybe photograph it, resize, and print on decal paper?
  13. fingerrubbers , send a PM ( personal message) to DAVE Van . he will answer you and give you a quote. You have to sign in to do this. then click on his icon . that will bring up his profile. then click on message. fill out the message and hit send. then wait for his reply! I think Woopie Kat is out of the business.? Can someone please confirm this?
  14. Just completed a trade with Paul Payne, everything packed well and he says what he means. No hesitation with trading with him again!
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