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  1. Someone offered $5 per can + shipping
  2. Apparently I didn’t get my notices. I would like to sell it all at once. I am busy and don’t have time to ship one at a time. I will check to see if the model car club is still in existence if it doesn’t sell here. They all fit in a large flat rate box, so shipping Is fairly low considering the weight.
  3. If it's gloss white I would be interested. Shoot me a price on the white you have if it's gloss. Not sure how to ship it since I don't the PO will take it.

  4. I am getting out of the model car hobby. I have 20 New cans of Tamiya gray primer and 11 new cans of the white. I know there is no selling allowed, but I’m unsure of where to sell these besides eBay and that’s a hassle.
  5. Hey Joshua I see you live in Central Arkansas, I live in Jacksonville. If you would to talk models give me a call 501-773-1483., me and the group I hang with are heading to Clarksville tomorrow for a model show if you are interested call me. I am going with prostreeter you have talked with him before. 

  6. That's what I had seen, and I may have to go that route. I have built them before in smaller scale. I guess, don't fix what works.
  7. Ive done my research so I dont want to have a dual post. I am still working on a 1/12 late model mustang and the door hinges have stumped me. I have tried just about everything including piano hinges. Anyone have a link to an article? or tip on how to?
  8. Right now 1:12 scale. I know only a few cars that are in the large scale under $100 I don't have a large budget for cars. I really wish there was a large scale truck ?
  9. I'm still here, been busy so I haven't been on at all.
  10. It has been a very long time since I had been here. I'm getting back into building, but only large scale and I'm looking for resin parts such as racing seats and other parts. I went through the list of candidates but may have missed some. I've searched eBay to no avail. I will keep looking as I need photo etched parts as well. TIA
  11. Kaleb

    GT 500

    The halos I bought off eBay, I burnt an led so I took it apart and rebuilt it. I can make a pic tutorial if anyone would be interested. There will also be a side marker with the headlight I just didn't have it place.
  12. Kaleb

    GT 500

    Here are the head lights and tail lights.
  13. Kaleb

    GT 500

    They are for LEDs, I do have the head lights and tails lit up but I need to take a new picture.
  14. Kaleb

    GT 500

    I don't remember the name, I just bought them on eBay they are 1:10 r/c wheels. The brakes are resin, that I also got on eBay.
  15. Kaleb

    GT 500

    Hi guys; I'm just getting back into building after several months or so maybe year or more. This is what I left off with on this build so now maybe I can get back to my rat killing and get this thing completed. Enjoy
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