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  1. Hey guys...here’s another small update Made some progress on the HQ Premier nose panel, but ran out of time tonight....tomorrow I’ll lay down some color and some clear. Once it cures, I’ll get a mold done and run off some casts! Watcha think? 6047687D-6B1B-4B1A-8B0B-6B598877FB43 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 0FAC5150-DE90-4407-AC3A-E4D85505C7FE by Preston Lalan, on Flickr
  2. Hey guys...here’s another update ! Did a bunch of wet sanding, puttying, sanding, priming, sanding, puttying, sanding, priming, sanding........ :wacko::crazy: well....you get the idea... till I basically said ‘thats it ... it’s not perfect, but perfect enough lol... decided to lay down some paint as it’s the surest way to see any defects... once the paint cures in a couple of days, I’ll make the mold and then make a couple of casts. This way, the casts will be just like the painted pieces and will require minimum work when assembling... Anywho, here’s a few pics...watcha think? I
  3. Been working on a few bits.... I had to revise the HQ Nose panel that I started last year, the headlight surrounds were off, and then I also got the bumper built and just started to get the details like indicator light holes in.. once I get the HQ nose where I want it I will be making a cast of it and then modding said cast to the Premier version. The HX Premier version nose shown here, is a cast of the HX nose (off the Sandman) that has been modded! Still need to do some tidying up on it then will make a mold of it and run off some casts! Anywho... here’s a few pics of where it’s
  4. Shot a bit of video at home and then tried editing all the bits together etc...hopefully it’s okay....
  5. Here’s Another small update ! Just another small experiment...lol...I made a bubble tailgate window! It turned out pretty nice , it’s not flawless but it looks good from 10 feet away...lol Anywho....here’s a few pics ....watcha think? 8364796A-BB49-4924-BF34-ED303579C895 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 802F8D2C-A291-4727-AD9D-D1B87D3C8311 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 83C780B4-E466-4BC4-8610-A50C9829B424 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr ED01F4B8-98CF-43CF-852A-C33E1DE6945A by Preston Lalan, on Flickr AA626BFA-A636-4C87-A9FC-0F165EA8EF3D by Preston Lalan, on Flick
  6. Mocked up a street version. :..gonna haveta start thinking about RWD chassis and some more vans soon...lol A8E94F80-716A-458C-B220-91D2E3985BFC by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 2253A115-98D5-41EE-8589-7D2140F0D622 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr
  7. Thanks mate! Not really sure what it’s for... but I modeled it loosely after this pic that I found on the internet....
  8. Got the decals all stickered on... they turned out pretty sweet! here’s some pics of the decals... watcha think? 0ECABA78-1BE9-477B-A37E-9FBFD54D709E by Preston Lalan, on Flickr AE8227EB-AEC4-41A6-A756-DB3DE6EF465B by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 2043FF13-8860-46EE-BEB8-2F1CD605225B by Preston Lalan, on Flickr FE36FAE0-6592-4AF0-B5E7-B92CB612CD54 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr FD85D9C8-DBC3-4C18-AECB-182BFA1713D6 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr EC5D299B-7DD2-48D6-9307-01E9FB81D7E9 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr F7DCC5C7-850C-40E5-84EF-7A0
  9. Also got the tail lights painted up... Tamiya clear red and clear orange on clear styrene... Anywho here’s a few pics... watcha think? 167B370B-82FF-430B-B9BB-458620FA52FC by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 67DD7610-5886-41FC-995D-8B54A97BE34F by Preston Lalan, on Flickr BBBCBAD1-3C97-4F1E-A3FB-6AFAF2E4D53A by Preston Lalan, on Flickr
  10. Next ... I got rid of them baby blues...so the Sandman no longer looks Smurfy... A4596B25-F6F6-49FF-89F9-088741A2AF25 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 11FF5D3D-9A0B-4885-A701-7B5D40CF436F by Preston Lalan, on Flickr D5A4B524-6C3F-4684-A157-6D5252593001 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr
  11. Hey guys...got a small update.... Got the center console repairs painted up, also got the shifter painted and installed. Watcha think? 59094D64-67D5-47DA-A2B2-92BB98AF9617 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 491418C8-2F71-47A7-B419-041CAB3EC66D by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 855E4613-086C-4EFA-A2B6-92DDE79AE48C by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 40E3EFBD-0CEB-4AD9-AE20-23B08300B636 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr
  12. Here’s another small update Did some shifty work last night ! Lol... then I shortened up the center console as well...also need to redo the arm rest on the console, will try to get some foam on it, then install the leather covering... Also made the tail light lenses...will be painting them tonight along with the shifter and console...: Anywho...here’s a few pics of the progress ...watcha think? 08193E7E-2E4C-4488-9545-53D24996F8D0 by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 60038F3F-35A0-44E6-BC63-788B0120EFAE by Preston Lalan, on Flickr 6032AC96-1A96-4A44-9E31-F861A4A44588
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