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  1. Wow on the build quality there bud, and thank you That helped my understanding alot ,now what fiber glass cloth do I need to get and how many layers and tools needed,thanks in advance dennis
  2. 2. 4th down is a grill to amc amx don't know witch kit though.
  3. The zz top kit had some bullet hole style is what your referring to right?
  4. Don't worry Scott we all have our moments.lol
  5. Thank you foxer I'll be sure to look into this.is this this a order only product or can I buy it locally?
  6. Alright I need to know what glues/epoxys do y'all recommend for choping a top,I've had a dirt track Monte Carlo project for a few years need to know what's the strongest glue is ,set times ,and prep.im frustrated to have a choped up car and cannot finish it.thanks dennis
  7. its a strange looking beast but still cool
  8. i like it im suprised gm hasnt made them for the 1:1 yet to step up there options
  9. my daughter keeps dora band -aids handy... i was thinking about the glass and i think ill cut it at its sharpest point and add what everi decide to use for glass what you think?
  10. what is the best way to make t-tops from cuting body to making the glass all tips are appreciated?
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