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  1. I would cut the wheel wells out of the monogram bronco, and the bronco kit has the correct taillights.
  2. B-N-L resins show a listing for a 4x4 conversion for 77 to 80 Dodge, the kit has both axles, springs and transfer case.
  3. Just FYI I found the first two seasons of Highway thru hell on Netflixs
  4. I guess I will stop lurking and add to this. My W-900 logger.
  5. All of your trucks are excellent builds Ken, even the back drop for the pics is awesome. I fell in love with the Binder in the background of one of the pics.
  6. Bluejacket models, in Searsport Maine sells pot metal shackles in different sizes, try them. They carry model ship supplies.
  7. I have no pics to show of the truck I now drive, but it is a 2003 Red Pete 379 daycab pulling a 11000 gallon tanker. I do have a few of the last truck I drove, it to was a 2003 379.
  8. Angel, use purple power. it is a heavy duty cleaner available at most Walmart stores.
  9. Robert, I actually got the idea for this truck after seeing one working in the Boston area.
  10. here is some more pics, I had to watch a vidio to learn how to post again.
  11. It has been a long time since I posted on here, but I thought I would share my latest build, even though it has been finished since last fall. This is my version of combinging a lonestar tractor and the wrecker body from a can-do kit.
  12. notice the '78 bumper it is the same as a '77
  13. This is what Dave's tires look like on the DM I had to move the front axle foward to get the tires to fit in the opening. I will try and answer any questions you have.
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