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  1. Check out this cool video. There are more videos of building other cars and trucks.
  2. Love it. Great concept. Well done. Lots of nice fabrication work, What was the source for the frame?
  3. First a like button will impact the site. People will take the easiest path. Instead of typing nice will will see an anonymous like. Although a like comment is not the best respond it is not anonymous. I would hope the poster would be more expressive but at least with nice I know who commented on my work. Lets strive to be more communicative. When you comment say what you like about the model.
  4. I think that given the current market for the models it makes the l Most sense to do one 3d print before cutting the molds. Changes in the mold can be expensive. If there is an issue like the exaggerated flares on the cudea it requires adding material and redoing.. if you have something like a chopped top you need to remove material from the molds to fix the probably. Eitger way it is important to identify issues before the molds are cut.
  5. Exactly. The purpose of the forum is to share information. When you see a build make the effort to say why you like it. Finally I want to address that somehow adding a like button is progress. Progress means a better way. A like button does not improve communication ,therefore its not progress it is merely change. Finally in the spirit of conviejnce instead of a like button lets change the views to like. No pesky buttons to push and its just as meaningful.
  6. Got my covid 19 vaccine yesterday. No issues with the johnson and johnson.
  7. First why do we need to make this site the same as every other. From your view of progress lets go to making grunting and other odd noises because it communication and its too much effort to say words. If you want a like button go to facebook.
  8. I hope they can get things back on track. They've had a bad run of luck. I enjoy their magazines.
  9. To me a like button is meaningless. You are not saying why you like something. Is it the color, style, make?
  10. Cool 49 mercury. A different take on a car thats been customized a lot of ways.
  11. Every awards banquet at the GSL a list of modelers that had passed were read. The last time I attended(2015) the list had gotten so long that only those who had passed receltly were read. That list now is a lot l8nger.
  12. Another red flag warning till 6pm monday. Currently 82F ,14% humidity, and 18 mph winds.
  13. I agree 100 percent. If anything we need to encourage more communication rather than less.
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