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  1. First off they clearly state the substituion policy. If you don't agree with then don't order from them. I'm doubtful that they would pay the return shipping. Besides why waste your time and deal with the hassle in the first place.
  2. Wow that paint work is stunning. Will be a great build when finished.
  3. Got a.notice from pge that our power was going to be off last night from 11am to 5am. Get up 6:30 this morning and no power. Go online no update on expected power restoration. Power just came back on. Now 8:45am I understand that the maintenence took longer but it annoys me that they didn't text saying there was a delay or provide info online. Got some coffee going and working to get my morning rituals back on track.
  4. Carl close enough to get some of the smoke but in no immediate danger at this point. Thanks for your concern.
  5. Was going to do some yard work but the air quality was too bad becuase of smoke
  6. Very nicely done. Imaginatice concept. Well executed.
  7. One thing to understand. You have to do something to allow a virus to get in a computer. However a computer worm will detect and infect by taking advantage of vulnerabilities that have not been fixed. There is no actions necessary by the user. If you do not update to an operating system that is getting updates you will be opening up your computer to being taken over to spam and infect others, your computer can also be commandeered to mine bitcoin, and if your foolish enough to do financial transactions you can be subject to fraud.
  8. First off I wouldn't call what they are doing as deceptive hecuase they clearly state the practice. Not a way to treat customers and I'm sure the practice hurting them. Its pretty obviuos that they have a problem with inventory control that they have no desire to fix. Makes one wonder if you order paint will they decide to sent you a different color if your choice s ut of stock.
  9. Nicely done. It is definitely more work to use parts from multiple sources but it allows the builder to build the model as they want it. Great color, stance, and concept.
  10. I would remove the fly and continue having the wine. Also a funny fly story. Number of years ago I was at my sisters for dinner. A fly was buzzing around in the kitchen but we couldn't kill it. I had observed on occasion that flies would end up dead ir a pot was in the sink. So I suggested filling a pot of water and put it on the counter. I got the oh sure that will never work but a pot was filled with water. As the pot of water was put on the counter the fly took a nosedive into the water. The reaction by everyone was hilarious.
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